Custom Color Not Showing (Windows 10)

I just redeemed a code for Jago Color 10, it downloaded fine but is not showing up in game. At first I thought I redeemed it on the wrong account - my Windows 10 MS account is different from my XBL account. BUT I also have Kilgore, Shinsako, and even my Ultimates and a few other colors on my Win10 account, and those work. So does it really have anything to do with my XBL being separate?

Tried reinstalling, no go. I also worried I screwed up by signing into KI with my Win10 account - I don’t have the full game on that, but I did get a popup that I unlocked a color for Jago… does it only work once for one XBL account?

Pls help, I’ve never won ANYTHING before and I really just wanna get this color.