Current State of Ranked -rant-

So, recently I put my hat back in to try some more ranked and recently had hit silver. I took a break from Ranked before simply for the sake of being put up against players out of my league. Well so far of what I’ve noticed post League patch, is that although I’m getting put against players in a similar rank to mine, give or take a few, I’m beginning to see a trend of silvers and golds that will eather spam moves and be cheap throughout or just be unsportsmanlike such as tea-bagging. I’m about 110 points away from a promotion match to gold at the moment but is this really the state of these tiers? I feel more comfortable facing against Killer players and losing to them because they are out-right better. /rant

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I feel exactly the same!

It’s pretty simple. Keep in mind KI is in a way Free to Play. It is going to attract attention from other crowds. Some include the First Person Shooter’s community such as COD. Teabagging and disrespect happens a lot in lower tiers as a result. Killers don’t do this as they know what it is like for others to be teabagged because they weren’t good enough. Therefor,high ranks don’t disrespect as often. Just keep you Killer Instinct and rise up.

Then how the hell are they silver and gold if they keep being cheap with their wins? That just makes no sense to me. How come the players actually making an effort to rise in ranks are stuck at lower ranks while the cheap players are rewarded at the mid tier area?

Care to explain how they are cheap?

You cant stop this with a patch or an algorithm. Just kick the crap out of them and move on… or take your loss and move on!

I for one had the same issues with ranked were i was getting only killer opponents…I am stuck n gold. But last night I too went back to ranked …and I found that it was the best yet!!! I went 11–9. that’s the best I’ve done ever I think…I actually was having fun!

I even beat a few killers! but I also lost to many killers… but the fact is this was the first time i was matched against at least 8 gold, silver and bronze.

I like it were it is currently,…best match making yet for me so far!

I’m also happy to say I did not cross one Tea bagger or Spammer or Douche bag out of 20 matches last night!!! Unbelievable!!! Good job KI community!

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Projectile spam, teleport spam (which mostly I can punish), spamming combos that deal more damage than I can recover from with combo breakers. One game I had vs. a Jago whose GT was rick roled would spam roundhouse kick into grab whenever close and just spam that, he would get to a distance where a tiger fury wouldn’t make contact and would punish if attempted.

Most characters have a shadow that go through projectiles. Spamming combos? So you don’t want people to use combos? Roundhouse kcik into grab? Tech it.

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Projectil spam gets me zoned out so I can’t lay hits to build shadow meter effectively, that’s not what I said at all to the combo point, its the same combo that gets spammed and deals more damage than combo breakers recover on potential. Teching… That I’ll admit I need to practice more but in that game I was trying to tiger fury on wake up and kept whiffing because of the point I made where it was just enough distance away that I’d whiff it.

You get meter by blocking the fireballs. Also Combo breakers don’t get rid off all damage. All the damage you took before the breaker you still take. Also you have other wake up options instead of the tiger fury. Backdash. Even just blocking works. Don’t use the tiger fury over and over again or your opponent will be at a distance where the tiger fury will miss.

Backdash doesn’t work in corners, meter doesn’t build up as efficiently when blocking, the potential damage is smaller than the actual in the combo spam I was dealing with.

Anyone half way decent at the game is already in killer tier, this causes the lower tiers to get populated by people that are just trolling or messing around. There is really nothing that can be done, these people will always stay low rank so just plow through them and get to the higher tiers. If they really are just spamming the same stuff then they should be easy wins.

See arguement Sasuke99I and I are having

Why did you allow youself to be put in the corner? How did you get in the corner? Plus you can just stand there and block. Meter doesn’t build as much when blocking. Doesn’t matter. They are just projectile spamming. Wait until you can do shadow Windkick. Also if they are spamming the same combo over and over again. Break the first auto/linker. Seems like you aren’t ready to rank up to killer yet.

Meter does build efficiently when blocking, in fact blocking is one of the best ways to build meter. Every time I see someone brainlessly shooting projectiles at me I just sit back and build full bar. And if you’re constantly breaking their combos but still loosing your matches then you’re simply not piling on enough damage onto them which means they’re opening you up a lot more than you’re opening them up.

The best way to stop someone from spamming moves is to do something about it. The only reasons people will spam an attack is a) they don’t know any better, or b) they don’t see any reason to stop, both of which can be rectified by using a counter strategy to nullify whatever they’re doing and kicking them in the teeth.
Trapped in a corner? Jump out for cross up, or get a hard knockdown and gtfo.
Roundhouse into grab? Shadow counter the roundhouse or tech the grab.
Projectiles? Jump over them, slider under them, block them for meter, use projectile invincible or armored moves, absorb them, or just use your own.
And like it or not, for better or worse, the strategies you’re facing are all legitimate strategies to grab the win. A lot of the time it’s not “playing cheap”, but rather its common sense. If you’re fighting a rushdown or a grappler, you want to keep them as far away as possible. If you’re fighting a zoner, you want to keep them in a corner and make sure they can’t get the breathing room they need. If your character has crazy vortexes or killer block strings that force your opponent into a box, you’d want to use them to your advantage.
Add on top of that the fact that it’s Ranked mode, which is generally the most competitive space in any game, and it shouldn’t be surprising that people will use every trick at their disposal to insure victory.

TL;DR- Find a way around it. “Cheap” and “spammy” players will exist as long as fighting games exist. The game gives you tools to combat against such tactics, so use them.

All respect to you, comrade. Just trying to help.

Instead of asking how they are silver or gold, you should ask why they aren’t killers. And that answer my freind is simple: their BSing doesn’t let them win squat. :slight_smile:

Spamming the same moves in KI is the easiest way to lose. smart players will find away around quickly and before ya know it they are S.C.R.E.W.- you know the rest : p

If they keep using the same combos over and over they can be easier to break. If they act predictable you can figure out what they are doing and you can take advantage of that. : >

Sounds to me like you need to hit training. Tell me which character you use and I’ll give you an example on how to use him best.

Projectile Spam, learn how to deal with this. Firstly, projectiles don’t really do much damage and KI was a game created specifically for combos as seen in the original DH viddoc. But if you really have trouble against them just spam fireballs back. It’ll cancel their fireball and I think you get meter, a small amount. Next option is to teleport behind them when you know they will continue to spam. Lastly you can use a move that goes through a projectile. Almost every character has a move that goes through fireballs like Jago’s shadow wind kick.

Combo spam. Well it is a fighting game. Players will continue to use combos and if they want to do the same one then so be it. There are different types of combos in the game. Some that do more damdge, some that build meter and some that knock them away/wallsplat. Picking the correct one is critical in a fight. If they choose to just use damage enders then you know they just want to do damage and not build meter. Not much I can say for this topic sense people will do combos no matter what rank they are. I like doing damage enders with Sadira because it knocks them down and lets me continue being aggressive. Most of her other combos aren’t very good but I do them on occasion.

Def learn what you did wrong and how they beat you in every match and try to fix it in the next one.

Am a Killer ranked Player and that’s how I became decent. I started learning what I did wrong and improved myself for the next match.

I like fighting against the lower tiers. Learning how to stop spam and such is a great thing, so I’m not caught off guard from a Killer or Tourney Match. Plus, if they happen to TBag and Taunt for beating me, I’m like:

Then It usually ends like this: