Curious- do good Cinder shadows actually apply Burnouts well?

The AI, at low levels, is really, really dumb. So I’m just curious, with enough deliberate play and shadow training, do you find your shadows do a good job of applying burnout enders, exploding pyrobombs, etc? There’s a lot of thought that goes into playing that I wonder if the AI ever does.

Yes any decent Cinder Player will use burnouts. Pyrobombs as well. It all depends on the situation.

Don’t trust the A.I’s ability to fight to depend on what the character does.If you do you will never have an accurate good idea how cinder players play.

I’m actually not sure about this. I have a cinder shadow and admittedly I am not that good and I haven’t trained him very well. But he racks up the losses in shadow mode to people who, when I fight their shadows have zero clue what they are doing.

The reverse is also true - a human player will (usually) respond to burnout by adjusting their play but the shadows I fight don’t seem to notice it at all. I’m not sure if this reflects the failure of the shadow program to take into account status effects, or if the players I play against just haven’t trained against burnout, or perhaps both.

I suppose the best experiment for both of these scenarios would be to go find some great players well trained shadow and see if their cinder uses burnout well, or counters it well.

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yeah that’s definitely the case in the lower tiers. Next time I play I need to see if a high cost Cinder even exists and challenge it