Crucial Feature for PC Port Needed

Please IG make sure that there is a Fullscreen-Windowed option available when configuring settings. This feature is crucial for streamers and content creators to allow them to be able to switch between monitors without having to ALT+TAB and wait for the screen to refresh.

This is something that was currently missing from the SFV beta I can’t even begin to explain the hassle and frustrations it causes.


Shouldn’t be there something already? I tested the xbox app on Windows 10 and you can decide to have the full screen or windowed one.


Are you talking about a borderless windowed mode? I agree with Fullscreen and Windowed, but I’d also throw Borderless Windowed mode in there.

We are missing a lot of details about the PC release - including where it will be sold and how it will run on PC. I have been using a SteamLink to stream to my “arcade” setup through my home network. It works great - even for online with most applications. But one thing it doesn’t deal well with is a bunch of pop up windows and junk.

So, even if KI is not a Steam game (which I don’t expect it will), just having a link that launches directly into the game will be a huge bonus - rather than a separate launcher that then updates the game and fusses around before launching it. That is what happens with Rising Thunder, and at present I can’t open it in a way that allows me to stream it.

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About where it will be sold: I guess, like any other game of XBox App, from Windows Store. But you can even download it just now from Xbox one store page and installing that later.