Crossups using Crescendo?

So I started picking up Aria as a secondary character to my Omen, but I’m finding using her significantly more fun than I originally expected. I’m not exactly good on a lot of my execution with her strats (such as Launcher -> Bass Assist -> Jump -> Crossup in Booster). I am however experimenting and noticed that there aren’t a lot of videos that seem to use her Crescendo special as a crossup attack, instead using Jumping MP instead. Is Crescendo viable as a crossup move? I’ve tried using both the MP and HP versions and while I feel like there’s some benefit to it (especially if the MP can crossup by hitting them from behind), I’ve struggled greatly trying to perform QCB in midair, especially when hovering in Booster form.

Totally talking out of my bum here, but I think the idea is to whiff TK Crescendos so Bass Assist hits as a crossup, not necessarily to actually hit the Crescendos. Try using them to ENABLE crossups instead of AS CROSSUPS.

I don’t play Aria, but this just seems like the intuitive function.

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Try 3 delayed allegros in a row. Trust me…it works lol

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All 3 air crescendos can hit as a cross up (although hitting the L version in the air as a cross up is EXTREMELY hard to do and not really worth it). I have a few setups where I use it. It can be very ambiguous to the pint where you might as well not even block.

Yeah it’s better to use the crescendos to quickly move aria past the opponent so the assist hits as a cross up than to actually use the crescendo as the cross up. It is totally doable though, but they don’t hit high which kind of makes me not like them in jumping cross ups.

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If they were mid attacks them they would be too good. I asked this before, and upon further digging I found they would be too powerful if they were mids.

Thanks for the advice. I admit I didn’t think of using Crescendo to make the Bass Assist cross up. I’ll have to try that as that is a very sneaky thing to do between all the other ways she can cross up an opponent.

Is there a good way to also set crossups when Aria is in Bass form? I know the form is not exactly ideal for anything close but I’m imagining there might be something she can do on wakeup that isn’t Booster Assist + MP Dissonance or Blade Assist + LP Dissonance.