Cross-Play Issue

Hello KI Forum!

I just got the Steam version of the game a few days ago and I’m trying to play with a friend who has an X-Box One in Mexico. When he or I create a lobby, we can’t find each other. We’ve tried searching for various lobby sizes, minimum performance set to pass or fail, all with Console Crossplay set to ‘On’. Wondering if there’s something I’m missing here.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Maybe is a NAT problem between you. But I’m not sure ,sorry :frowning:

PS: yesterday I tried to have a match with a friend who has Win10. We couldn’t connect. He mentioned he had problems with “puertos cerrados del router” no idea how to call it in English.

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Believe that would be ‘closed ports’. So this might be a port dependent thing? I hope the devs will notice this soon and come out with a guide or something.

Maybe i won’t come to help, but are you playing with the english language and your friend in spanish?
Cause there is some translation issue with the translated lobby name.

Hey there!

Just wanted to pop in and see if you guys were ever able to get cross-play to work or if you’re still running into issues.

Pop back in and let me know either way please! :slight_smile: