Cross platforming causing major lag/instability issues! LAg

I was trying to achieve a high tier was 5-1 ,lost to people that had terrible laggy issues ,theres a youtube video w/ devs talking about punishing the cheaters and pullers and reset dynamics every month. It really sucks because a game shouldn’t make you this angry , I deleted some PC games to focus on more important things,keep things simple in my life cut out some games and choose, up until my killer tier today and yesterdays personal hack on my account ,xbox live and now some potential personal info ,I’m almost done with this game , have you tried to beat /jago with RASH? speed and styles and impossible , I don’t know if if cross platforming but theres a lot more LAG!!!

The damage jago does to Rash is ridiculous even when u get more hits on him with rash just a few of jagos takes the whole life bar not very balanced at all.

Jago and Rash do about the same damage. Both of them can short combo into the high 30% low 40% and both can go for long combos in the high 50% low 60%.

The lagging is a problem the game has crashed several times. I never noticed things to be this bad before season 3 released