Cross-plat talk, with or against it?

after some thinking and figure out what to talk about here on the forums I finally came up with something :ok_hand:,
talking about cross-plat, mainly between PS4-XB-PC (not Win10). ive just been seeing more people talking about this ever since the whole minecraft thing this past e3 2k17. and this little article for rocket league

Is sony being ignorant? or smart? are you with or against it? what games would work and what wont? etc. stuff like that.

They are ignorant. Why would cross play be bad with another console? Your not gonna be forced to buy a subscription to do that. They make a case about protecting kids, yet that is a parents job. Cross play will help all those games that have less players like guilty gear.
Your friends or siblings who have a different console but play the same games will benefit. The only ones who dont benefit from this are Sony cause they dont wanna and fanboys.


The only reason we don’t have cross platform stuff everywhere is because of money. For the longest time if you wanted to play with your friends and you had different consoles it was either spend an extra few hundred dollars on the system and the game or you were SOL.
Now that Rocket League and Minecraft, two of most popular games out right now are ushering in the age of cross platform gaming, Sony may have more incentive to try and go cross plat as well. So from a business standpoint Sony is being smart. If there isn’t cross platform gaming involving their consoles people will still be forced to buy them. But from a consumer point of view Sony seems very greedy and doesn’t care what will make people happy for the sake of money.

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How is Sony being smart?

Wouldn’t even call it ignorant as much as I would say it’s idiotic. Sure, I understand that it is a marketing strategy to keep players within their fan-base, but it’s also hurting them for said reason. If you could play in a world with your friend on another platform, why would they stick to the one that prohibits it? Honestly it’s a double-edged sword here. You keep players that are already on your console there, but you also turn others who are interested in the idea of crossplay away. In the long run, it will undoubtedly hurt them once crossplay starts to attract the masses. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sony eventually reverted their decision.

Sony is giving you another reason besides the games to buy their console, and that’s the ability to play with your friends. That’s making them more money and business is all about money. That’s what I was trying to get at.