Cross Buy Issue

Have all season 1-3 characters on my X1 but none on the pc and the X1 I used isnt the home console could this be a problem?

Have you logged onto your xbox to update it with Season 3 patch? Are you using the same Microsoft XBL login for the PC?

Yep updated it and using the same login I just logged into my xbox one let it sync went back to my computer still nothing. I think it might be that my X1 that I used isnt the home X1

That’s not it. The purchases are tied to your account, not the Xbox. So long as you use the same ID for both platforms, you should have all your save data. There have been some issues reported of people not having their characters yet and the devs have said they’re looking into it, so maybe try again and if it doesn’t work, look out for official announcements.

Well my uncle is account on the home X1 and I just have the content on my X1 so I cant get it because technically my account didnt purchase it?

If you purchased it under his ID, then yes its linked to his account and not yours. If you sign in with his on the X1 first and then on the PC after the save syncs, you can use all the content his account had.

Got it thanks kind of a bummer that doesnt work :frowning:

So game share will not work for windows 10?
that could be why i dont have the characters for win10 and do on xb1 since me and my brother share the game but he is the person who bought the content and his xb1 is my home and vice versa