Cross-buy, cross-platform

when it will be possible to use cross-buy, cross-platform.

It should be as soon as you buy it.

Cross-Buy meaning if you own one version, you automatically have the other version.

(Example: I have the Xbox One version, so that means I already have the PC version as well, even though I don’t own a PC.)

Cross-Platform means If you have the PC version, and I have the Xbox One version, we can play together even though we have different consoles.

ok friend, I bought today, however, the game displays a message saying that soon will be released, I wonder when it will be.

I’ve been using both features since it was released.

You mean like you can’t play it? It released on PC yesterday! You should be able to play it right now.

several others have reported that issue where they cant use the s3 content, not sure if its been responded to by the devs with a fix or anything maybe search the forums?

Yeah, exactly what @Linkinworm said, go see if you can search around the forums for some help on how to fix it. People have been having similar issues, so I’m sure you will find one that will help you.

I hope you can play soon. Good Luck!

I auditioned a few minutes and the characters do not appear

I live in Brazil, do not know if this option is not released here yet

How far can you get when you open it? Can you Open KI?