Critical's Artwork

So I decided to turn this into a thread to post my artwork :smile:

Enjoy and comment below!



Haha, thank you! I knew that fanfictions of Hisako were bound to exist, so I felt if Hisako had seen or heard of them first hand, she would be… Pretty outraged XD

It’s all good. I’m making a fanfiction as well, but it’s a slow start

Darn it. After reading this comic, I think we should all start/create a fanfiction thread in the forums. Who’s with me?


I’m all ears, bro XD


So who will start first?

Hm… Since you said that you’ve been working on a KI fanfic, maybe you could go first :smiley:

You mean by creating a fanfic thread? Where should I start at? I mean, which category should it start?

Oh! I didn’t know that you meant making a new thread about fanfiction. Sorry about that XD

It should be in the Artwork and Video section, and if you want I could make it and and you could start it by posting your fanfic :slight_smile:

Go for it. You all are not ready for the first two chapters I put in

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When will you post more of these?

In time :slight_smile:

If I have more free time during the week, I’ll see if I can draw something new :smiley:

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90% sure that fanfic you described is actially a real thing.

Really!? I was just thinking about the Twilight Saga when I made this XD

GREAT, this was funny dude lol

Thank you! I may start posting more of my art here, so expect great things!

Here it is!

But yeah, funny comic. Thanks for sharing it!

…I hate you.

…I-is this yours??