Crimsons Snake and Crimsons return

Is this possible to have an idea of the Crimsons pack return? Since this category, it mess up the Guardian achievement which is kind of became unobtainable until crimson come back. Sad that this completely change the requirement for that achievement and this is one of 2 I miss. By the way, I mentioned snake in the title cause I have every snake … well except crimson.


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Don’t worry. I am sure the crimson snake will be released one of these Tuesdays.

Nothing new appeared for a lot of Tuesdays now and I think crimsons are gone for what? 2 months? I hope you’re right, but I’d like the devs to announce something about it.

I don’t care if I don’t have enough points to pay for it when it’ll be release. I’m ready to pay real money for it!

The crimson guardians have a random chance to be pulled from I believe Rare, Epic and Killer pack pulls. Unless this changed? @TotalJimkata

Really? I didn’t know that, and not a lot of people unlocked that achievement since the crimson update. I hope crimson snake appears one day. If someone saw a crimson from a pack can you please say it

I’ve always ground the 10k gems to purchase the guaranteed Crimson, so I can’t say for certain. But I’ve been looking for a Killer Watcher and Killer Owl so if I get one I’ll for sure let you know with a screencap.