Crimson Cards in Shadow Lords?

Can anyone confirm when the next Crimson Card will be available for sale?

I currently have 463/464 achievements in the game. The only one I am missing is the Guardian Collector which needs all tiers of one guardian. Of course this achievement is not even possible as the Crimson is currently not up for grabs.

Any information to this would be great.

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I would recommend you look for the lower teir card for a guardian you already have a crimson for.

Only card I am missing is the crimson.

Keep an eye out on Tuesdays, that’s when they usually have Crimson packs up.

Funny advice.
Last one was 3 months ago.
Developers are going to fix this defect?

It was good adivice then. Now none of us know the future.

Well nothing seems to be happening in Tuesday’s anymore. Looks like the developers are ignoring this issue all together. If you are going to adjust an Achievement to require more to obtain, make it possible to obtain as well!

I do not understand why nothing is being done about this issue. If they are not going to release any further updates for the game, then perhaps they should have the Card packs on a weekly rotation so that people can still buy them - or at least adjust the achievement for the Xbox One so that it reverts back to its original requirements.

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