Creating tournaments on Xbox live

Is the only way to create a tournament you have to be a club admin? Because I can’t find any option, all the official tournaments are out of date and if you want to register for any club made ones you have to join the club.

Can’t I just create one and send out invites to friends, clubs and community feed?

Shocking how the killer instinct clubs have no tournaments, even the official club and there are no new fresh tournaments in the killer instinct hub. Already throwing dirt on the coffin :disappointed:


The KI game hub seems to host tournaments almost every Friday at 10:00pm EDT, and I try to find and post other tournaments that I find to the official KI club’s activity feed and chat.

You could always create your own club and schedule your own tournaments that way, sharing them to friends, other clubs and feeds.

If a club’s settings are set to public, then anyone can join, even if they aren’t club members.


its a hassle imo for what i do. this is my most recent post.

If you missed PCK Week 12 here it is!

Congrats to NR Yorsh for winning & auto qualifying for our finale OCT 14th!

Only 2 more PCK tournaments left before our Finale on Oct 14th
#ComboKillers Week 13 sign ups are here @

We got another 1 YEAR XBL Gold on the line to first provided by Street NS Productions! Please go check out KI Epics on YT as you could be featured!

Here is what PCK Current Standings are after PCK Week 12.

Top 32 will make it into the Killer Cup Online invitational on Oct. 14th! The points are used to seed players. The Auto qualifiers will not drop below top 32 but if they want a higher seed # then they need to participate more

1st D Baby N Trish - 73
2nd EctopicIllusion - 60 - Auto Qualify from Week 5 (W6W)(W7W)
3rd ST LemonHunter - 53 - Auto Qualify for finale from Week 7(W11W)
4th ItzTymeToDul - 46 Auto Qualify from Week 6
5th ZTrain Over 9000 - 43 - Auto Qualify from Week 3 (W4W)
6th aWholio - 36
7th UnDeadGamer - 33
8th HW DaaChronicle - 25 - Week 8 Auto Qualify for finale
9th Tyzo - 23 - Auto Qualify from Week 2.
10th NWO Nega Scott - 23
11th NR Yorsh - 20 auto Qualify from Week 12
12th BH WaterHorses - 20 - Auto Qualified from week 10
13th RM MorbigHoagie - 20 - Auto Qualify from Week 1.
14th ITAMaster411 - 20 - Auto Qualify from Week 9
15th DeltaRayquaza - 15 - Auto Qualify from Week 11
16th JBandz -15 Auto Qualify from Week 4
17th ST Veronezi - 15
18th Shaolin Fx - 13
19th O Serrious O - 10
20th HW MackMane504 - 10
21st FX LengaLenga - 10
22nd FX Kaikksd1900 - 10
23rd DramanK - 10
24th ST AlphaDengeki - 8
25th RR MaritLage - 8
26th TDB Hotshot - 6
27th lCharlieBoy - 6
28th TDB Lumiere - 5
29th ThaLucianDragon - 5
30th NWO Maury - 5
31st OkadaJebaited - 5
32nd King Joshy - 3
33rd o Mister E o - 3
34th Phill T Slap - 3
35th Paramisesry - 3
36th Hi Im Keith - 3
37th RatWarden - 3
38th MBA BaneMobius - 3

for more info on PCK follow is here @


That time may work out for me. I’ll try that out next Friday! Thx for putting this out there! @rukizzel if this tourney is weekly, could this be shouted out on KI’s fan page!

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@rukizzel talk to your people about this issue