Creating the Music for Eyedol


why are theses videos hidden??


Only thing I hate is Kim’s random screaming in the music. That is what I don’t like about Kim’s theme in my opinion.


I love that! If they omitted a lot of the overused killer instinct melody and just had those parts without having the techno flurry and emphasized the tribal drums at the beginning it’d be a hit!
Ha Wee Hae Wee HA WEE HAHH WEEE HEEAAAAAAHHHH!!! ( that was my fave part of her trailer at the end, before they finished her win animation, she just nodded her head!)
There’s just TOO MUCH killer instinct melody


for me specfically it’s the random HIYAAAA! crap. It’s like I was listening to this and kim comes out of no where and screams in my face. My general reaction when my space is suddenly invaded in that way is usually physical.