Create your own Remix Character

Inspired by @VenomousKeo329

Basically, if you could create a remix of an existing character, how would it look like and play. Simple as that

I do have some guidelines though so bare with me.

  1. Please keep in mind the physical capabilities of the character you are creating a remix of. For example, a remix of Aganos must be able to spin as he does, and have similar size

  2. Keep remixes as close to the original as possible. This means appearance wise. Keep the same size and similar hitboxes. For example, a remix of Hisako must have her small hit box but must still have a weapon to extend range of attacks. A remix of Aganos must be gigantic etc. etc.

  3. Try to have either reused moves or animations within your character. Like if cinder has a different property for his trailblazer, he still has the same animation to do it so.

  4. Be creative! Don’t do the obvious evil version. Invent something out of the box! Think the difference of Kilgore and Fulgore

Now let your creativity flow. Let’s see who can come with the most interesting remix.

So, I went through the archives, as I knew I had already made an idea for a remix character back when the rumour of Shadow Orchid was the hot topic…

And I finally found it here: Potential design elements of Shadow Orchid

Picture shows her holding batons, but I would personally prefer tonfas. That said, IG would most likely just do a bit of remodelling on the current Orchid, meaning she will keep her current weapons, but have a new moveset, much like Shadow Jago.

"On her path to take down Ultratech, the fire within Orchid was growing, burning more furious for each day passing and getting further out of control. Gargos took notice of the power within her and developed a scheme for when she would eventually face him along with her brother, whom he had already had his claws at. Jago had the dedication and inner strength to fight back the shadow planted within him by Gargos, and though Orchid shared his blood and power, she did not have the same control as her brother. And Gargos knew this.

The warriors of Earth fought back Gargos’ invasion and eventually met him, face to face. That was when the Shadow Lord planted a seed of darkness within Orchid, whose powers had spun out of control. Gargos turned the fires within her against her, and Orchid finally descended into madness. As the new minion of shadow, Gargos commanded Orchid to fight Jago, and she did so without hesitation. However, Jago was stronger and he won the battle, knocking Orchid unconscious. And then he fought and defeated Gargos with the aid of his allies.

Orchid awoke shortly after in a tube in Ultratech headquarters, kidnapped by the Ultratech forces. ARIA was doing her best to control the dark seed planted within Orchid. She could not remove it, but found a way to harness it, dimming it down for the time being as Orchid regained her strength. But there was one thing she could not mend… Orchid’s mind had broken, her memories and sanity gone for good.

Being a vessel for immense power, as dark as it might be, ARIA saw this as an opportunity to turn her into another weapon… and the first living host for ARIA."

Orchid appears as herself, but is wearing a containment suit in the form of a full-body spysuit which is black/dark purple with a few glowing violet lines of energy, which are created to give Orchid the ability to control and contain her dark powers. Her eyes glow with purple energy as well and her voice has an otherworldly echo to it, sounding more robotic due to ARIA’s possession. Her weapons, the batons, are more like energy swords this time around, glowing purple as well and are capable of extending to double size when swung, much like Orchid’s KI1 weapons.

Orchid keeps her Whiplash and Danger Zone moves, as well as her throws, but has her special moves replaced.

  • Lasaken: Orchid spins her batons and shoots out a rotating blade of dark energy which slices at the opponent.
    -The Shadow version shoots out 3 in a row.

  • Spinning Swords: Orchid swings her batons around like a wheel in an upwards motion, which slashes the opponent up in the air on hit. The move also deflect projectiles.
    -The Shadow version makes her swing around a second time while moving forward.

  • Shadow Vortex: Orchid does a cartwheel and spins around in a helicopter kick motion, kicking the opponent multiple times.
    -The Shadow version has her spin slightly upwards, pulling the opponent in as a vortex.

  • Shadow Cat: Orchid gets engulfed in shadowflames, transforming her into a purple glowing feline made of dark energy and lunges towards the opponent. Can also be done in air, lunging diagonally downwards towards the opponent (like a dive kick, but with claws first).
    -The Shadow version has her rotate around herself in a corkscrew motion while lunging towards the opponent, hitting multiple times and avoiding projectiles.

And now some made-up moves I think could fit her:

  • Kiss of Darkness: Orchid grabs the opponent and blows them a kiss from which emits a breath of dark purple mist which enters the opponents body, causing damage over time for a short while and slows the opponent while in effect. The effect goes for 3 seconds.
    -The Shadow version has the effect go on for 5 seconds and causes slightly more damage per tick.

  • Shadow Dash: Orchid becomes engulfed in shadows as she dashes forward in a speedy motion, becoming invulnerable to any attack until she appears again. Works like a teleport, making Orchid reappear either behind the opponent, in front of the opponent or right above the opponent depending on what button you use. Does not have a Shadow version.

Instinct Mode:
Orchid has the same Instinct Mode as her normal self, however, instead of her Shadow Cat come running from outside the screen, it is summoned from Orchid’s self and lunges at the opponent. This also works while she is in air, the Shadow Cat lunging diagonally downwards towards the opponent.
She also gains access to her “Ultimate” move which works just like Shadow Jago’s Annihilation, but with this happening instead:

  • Dark Temptress: Orchid dashes forward to initiate the attack. If it hits, Orchid kicks the opponent away, making some distance between them. She then seductively zips down at her suit, turns the back to the camera and then flashes her chest at the opponent. However, from her chest shoots out several Shadow Cats, spinning around in a corkscrew motion (like the Shadow version of her Shadow Cat special move) and tears the opponent apart for each explosive hit and taking away a large amount of health. The scene ends with Orchid zipping up again.

… No, I’m kidding. This is what I want:

  • Shadow Tigress: Orchid gets engulfed in shadows and turns into a Shadow Cat, lunging at the opponent. If it hits, Orchid starts mauling the opponent, tearing at them with her claws and fangs, leaving them bloodied on the ground and taking away a large amount of health. Can only be activated while in Instinct Mode and consumes all of remaining Instinct Meter. The damage is based on how much Instinct Meter was left when the attack was performed. Cannot be performed during a combo. Acts as a throw, meaning it cannot be blocked and must be avoided.
  • Name
    Wyvern X (The first male stalker)

  • Remix of

  • Story

    To ensure success against the invasion Aria wanted to create a new stalker unit to aid in ending the invasion. Using the new technology she gained form glacius, Aria and her team of scientists were able to create a new stalker unit. But there was a difference between the other stalkers. Something that even Aria did not predict. The stalker turned out to be first male stalker. But because of his potential, aria would not want to waste an opportunity, especially in these desperate times. So Aria decides to test his skills in fighting.

    She put the new Stalker Unit against a group of previous stalkers and slayed them all one by one. His ferocity could rival the alpha stalker Riptor.Aria then dubbed him as Wyvern-X, but as soon as Ultratech was ready to unleash it’s new stalker unit, Gargos had already fallen at the hands of earth’s heroes.

    Because of the shadow lords defeat, Aria then deemed the stalker useless and considered having him destroyed. However, rumors of ultratech allowing the invasion began to spread., Not wanting to risk anymore bad press in the eyes of humanity, Aria decided to give Wyvern-X a new purpose: find anything and anyone connected to the rumor and destroy them at all costs. Wyvern-X followed these orders without question and became her secret weapon against anyone who would question Ultratech’s intentions.

  • Apparence
    Wyvern-X is simular to Riptor but has a few diffrences.
    Wyvern-X’s body has a Navy blue skin color, with a mid bluish color on the belly, along with a blood red thin streak that starts around his eyes to his tail tip. His eyes are an amber color and both of them glow when he hits instinct mode. His cybernetics are jet black in color with blue lights along the metal parts. His belly is also lined with belly scales. His tail is lined with small blade like osteoderms on the sides of his tail with a spear at the tip, and has a mechanical bottom jaw. His claws are also made of metal. and his nose is tipped with a small blade at the end. His biceps, calf’s, Tail, and Neck, have a shackle with 1 chain link connected to them.

  • Movelist
    Wyvern-X keeps mostly the same basic attack animations as riptor, but his throw and moves are mostly different.
    Front Throw
    Wyvern Pins his opponent and bites down on their neck keep his jaws locked stabbing them with his tail a few times before release

  • Back Throw
    Wyvern-X grabs and places them on his back blades before flipping over, slamming the blade into his foe’s back before getting off.

1. Violent Charge
Wyvern-X lunges at his foes hitting them with a headbutt leaving a streak behined him. (this is like Riptor’s charge attack)
-The shadow version can pin his foe into a corner if their close enough.
2. Wyvern fire ball
Wyvern-X can shoot a Blue fireball like Raptors but instead of being a motor he can fire them forward.
-Light Punch: aims them lower
-Middle Punch: Shoots them straight forwared
-Heavy Punch: used as an anti Anti-air
3. Primal Kick
Wyvern-X lunges and kicks his opponent with both feet but one after another.
-Like Riptor’s rake kick, the button determines the distance, and can be sued to start a combo
-The shadow version works like a bicycle kick similar to Riptor’s KI-1 Ultra animation.
4.Saw Spin
Wyvern-X flips into the air curling up into a ball and drops down on his opponants head. Can be used as a recapture, and overhead
-Shadow Version can have him perform 5 hits if it lands.
5.Jaw Slam
It’s like Raptor’s clever Girl.

  • Instinct
    Ferocity Unleashed: Wyvern-X’s eye, and markings glow and his tail segments spin. When in this mode, his basic attacks can automatically turn into autodoubles allowing him to dish out longer combo attacks and can chip away a slighty higher percentage of health then normal attacks. But if the opponent is on the receiving end they can either block or escape with a combo breaker.

  • Ultimate
    Wyvern-X activates his instinct and grabs his a opponent by the leg when he runs by, doing in the style of a dragging death before stopping and stabbing them with his tail spear.

  • Name: MEMEGORE

  • Remix of Fulgore

  • Bio:
    MEMEGORE is the younger brother of Kilgore and Fulgore. Like his brother Kilgore, he is a unused model of their older brother. As it is know, Ultratech have created hundreds of mechanical exo-skeletons, androids and mechs. He cringes over the fact that he remains inactive while his other siblings wrecks havoc in the glee of my lady Aria. “
    Enough is enough! Witness the birth of pandemonium, a road madness, a cleric of chaos! I will show them, my older siblings Killgore and Fullgore and the world the meaning of a commotion.”

  • Appearance:
    Same size and height as Fulgore, with similar body features.

  • Movelist
    Similar animation to Fulgore, his hand blades are replaced by deadly scissor like blades and his eye laser are now a series of deadly electrical sparks.

  1. Front throw
    MEMEGORE quickly grabs his opponent with his scissor blades and slams him down onto the ground and causes a pop up for follow up moves.

  2. Back throw
    MEMEGORE quickly grabs his opponent with his scissor blades and throws them behind him and points at opponent.

  3. Zooming Dissection
    MEMEGORE dashing across the stage violently attacking the proponent. This moves can be charged like Fulgore’s blade dash. The range depends of the strength of the move.

  4. Flint Spark
    MEMEGORE zaps his foes with a deadly electrical spark. The range depends of the strength of the move.

  5. Fyre Pies
    MEMEGORE fires small electrical torpedo’s at the opponent. Similar to Fulgore’s energy bolt, but this move does less damage and cause a short knock down. The also have a brief cool down.

  6. Fake Data
    MEMEGORE’S own dragon punch and also main damage ender. Just normal dragon punch.

  7. Unsheathe
    MEMEGORE quickly vanish and in mechanical sparks and either in front of the or behind them in mid air.

  8. Juicing
    MEMEGORE can gain a small amount of shadow meter for the cost of health and insint meter.

  • Instinct:
    MEMEGORE special attacks can be canceled with the cost of shadow meter, similliar how Fulgores work. He has increase frame advantage on all special moves and armor on standing normal’s.

  • Infinitum Beam
    This can only be used while in instinct mode, when the correct inputs are entered MEMEGORE quickly waves his scissor blades in his hands and fires a electrical rainbow with the entire killer instinct class reflecting off of it. This move can only be used if the shadow meter is full and also, instinct mode immediately ends when used.

  • Taunt
    He leaks oil and dabs causing a small shockwave.


You know what…you think you see everything…and then you see Memegore XD


I think a pretty cool remix character could be a remix of Glacius. iirc, Glacius’ species has telekinetic powers, which they use to manipulate materials and use as their “shell” and powers, e.g. Glacius uses ice, (obviously). So I think it would be pretty cool if we got another one from Glacius’ species, but instead of utilizing ice, he utilizes rock and earthy materials.

Killer Instinct OC’s… can’t wait for TJ Coldsteel.

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