Crazy Video-card glitch. [Off all time]

Short story:
Unless I have Sabayon Linux installed, with a UFI
partition, when running windows10 my Radeon Video
card will under-clock to 300Mhz with Memory at 50 Mhz.

How do I know, If I delete the sabayon partitions
and rerun KI or any game it under-clocks.

Even If I dont reboot, if the partitions get deleted
the card instantly under-clocks, and stays that way.

And get this, the card only likes Sabayon Linux installed.

Ultra LOL. I will never figure this one out, this is VERY
weird to say the least.

Even more weird, AMD dont support Linux drivers
right now, so its using and open source version.
[Not that the AMD cards knows this, or does it?]