Crazy Idea: Damage Boost at a cost

I know this is probably a little late, and it kinda falls under the S3 rebalance, so feel free to move it, but I figured I’d make an individual post just in case.
So I remember how we Wulfies were mewling about the loss of the instinct damage buff. I had an idea recently, though, that would be an interesting solution for how to get it back without giving him free stuff without risk, taking inspiration from Kan-Ra and an anime I’ve gotten myself addicted to; Inuyasha.
My idea is as follows: During instinct, Sabrewulf gains a Sacrifice style ability that we’ll call Blades of Blood, where he performs an animation that deals an instant 5% damage to himself (probably with potential damage building up afterwards to simulate bleeding) and gains a 5 second buff for 10% damage. During this state, his particle effects would change to either a red or a green color depending on whether its thematically based on regular blood or his own blood, to give the opponent more hints that he’s become more dangerous.
This way, Sabrewulf can gain some bigger damage but does so at substantial risk to himself (for example, if he uses this ability on low health, it might kill him).
It was an interesting idea I had when I was chatting it up with @SightlessKombat that could have interesting utility.
The only major issue I’ve got with it is finding an input, since feral cancels take up the HP+HK. Perhaps Back+HP+HK to resemble overpower?

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If it can be done mid combo,might be a bit op. Otherwise,it will seem under powered.

Hmmm… Hadn’t thought of that.
Could work like Thunder’s bird buff, there you activate it after a setup.

Though I’ll be honest I just kinda thought “this sounds pretty cool” when I originally had the idea. Spose the discussion thereafter is why I posted it for discussion.

The problem with it being a buff like Thunder’s is that the time is a bit short. Thunder’s isn’t really time based. It is a charge for a mvoe that runs out if isn’t used fast enough. This is a powerup that runs out shortly. By the time you open up the opponent,the buff would be almost over already.

Well I was trying to gauge the length of the effect to be about half of the time instinct is active, though it would seem the time I picked probably doesn’t compare to that.
Perhaps it would be better to have a general buff, but only to a certain linker like Riptor’s Instinct. Say, Ragged Edge and Ragged edge linkers deal increased damage during instinct? Though Ragged Edge isn’t the most optimal for damage in the first place…
Lot of variables in place. Need to walk the line between useless and OP as balls.

With combo breakers in the game, it could be fine to just let him activate this mid-combo; and also, he could take the damage cost mostly or entirely in potential damage, though maybe more like 10-15%. There’s risk-reward in this: obviously he gets the damage boost, but if he gets broken or ends the combo early then he runs the risk of getting opened up and quickly losing 40% of his lifebar to a short combo.

iuno, maybe it’s not a bad idea. It could go in alongside feral cancels, and even expend a feral cancel shot, as at least something for newer players to use that they might understand better. And yeah, I don’t know what the right numbers for this are.