Crash Team Racing Nitro fueled

Ladies and gentlemen one of the best Kart Racing games is back and with some new features and content



I’m super excited. I hope we get the extra characters from the Original Trilogy who you couldn’t race as. There were only five. Koala Kong, N. Brio, Tawna, Baby T, and Komodo Moe. Maybe a Spyro guest appearance? I’m just excited to get to play this in glorious HD.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Spyro is a guest racer for this game.

Keep dreaming pal !!!

Also which Platforms ?

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Xbox one, PS4 & Nintendo Switch.

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You know SAART is the best Kart race of all time and very soon TSR will be right up there with it.

Still though… Very dissapointed Crash isn’t coming to PC :frowning:

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