Crash during matchmaking search fix :)

hey guys , doing some testing and scratching my head trying to find out why the hell the game is crashing while searching for matches , i tried everything when it comes to software point of view , i even went as far as clean installing my nvidia driver even though i was sure it wasnt the source of the crash , then i tried to remove my xbox controller , boom worked
i was like what , how can this be , so appearntly extention cables reduces current going to the controllers , so if you have a usb extension cable , dont use it , it appears to be the source of the crash as the game is sensitave to controller input and when there is a mismatch in the current or data rate , the game crashes " my theory" so yeah , remove cable extension and try avoiding front computer case usb ports , hope it works for you

sorry guys this seems to partually solve the problem , the crashes still happens , but way less

Na, I use wired still get the crashes.

yeah something is still there causing the issue , it really did help when i removed the usb cable extension