CPU and throwing

Im really sick of CPU being able to throw out of every move you make

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It’s not their fault. If someone is in throw range, is in a throw-able state, and can’t tech the throw would you not throw them? The CPU is simply doing the most logical thing to do in those situations.

I understand this…but its too often. Its like every move you make they throw you out of it. Humans cant do this as consistently as the CPU…its annoying. Of course its not the CPUs fault, they are programmed to do so.

It makes for a " not fun to play match"… You put it on med or below difficulty and its to easy… put on hard to kyle…its throw city

I agree, no human could ever tech throw you out of moves that consistently,

But this is a problem with EVERY fighting game, turn up the difficulty and the AI just gets cheaper and spams moves over and over.

That being said, you can use the CPU’s throw happy technique to defeat it… Do your move, wait till the computer attempts to tech throw, counter the throw, then punish.

Its like as soon as i see a punish opening and go for an opener…throw! its like how do you get out of a punish state and throw me? wtf

Glad to see we’re on the same page now: where the AI breaks the assumptions around which a mechanic is built, change the AI, not the mechanic. No need to add throw invulnerability to all shadow moves, etc, and throw out the balance of the PvP game.

I recall @TempusChaoti saying on the old forums that the devs have extensive plans for integrating Shadows with the rest of the game. Having played against the Shadows a lot, I’m pretty convinced that they demonstrate mostly legitimate yomi under human-like limitations, so I think offering Shadow difficulty options throughout the game would be the preferred way to address the issue.

This reminds me: I was going to post up a Shadows feature request thread. Soon, hopefully. >_>

I agree… i like playing shadows more because it doesnt do the cheap AI tech as much. But regular AI is just crazy…there are sometimes i literally am thrown out of every move i make…be it a normal, a special, a shadow move, ect…

Its very frustrating…so i started just using throw against the AI for every move…the entire match was nothing but tech throws! lol