Coven characters

Has anyone got plans of coven characters ?

I have this one idea.

What do we know about the coven. They are vampires, they have a tsar, and they use wendigos as fulgores.

My problem with just doing the Tsar as a character is that he’s not unique enough. We already have a vampire character, Mira, and KI should not be a franchise that double dips on character archetypes.

The Wendigo has a different problem. It’s too boring. In terms of gameplay, it only has super strength and slashing claws. Maybe an antler Head butt. And it would have very little story significance. It would just be another character that represents an army of mass produced goons, like Fulgore and Riptor.

My solution, combine them.

The True Tsar controls the wendigos. And is a vampire. So, when the Wendigo King is killed (Wendigo typically operate on beehive rules) instead of the curse transferring to the one who killed him or the one who ate from his corpse, the curse transferred to the Tsar. Now he’s a vampire Wendigo with all the powers of both. That feels like a KI character. I imagine him playing as a rush down character with wide claw strikes, the aforementioned head but, and a heath siphon hits move. He would have his vampiric teleport, and a hypnotism move like Quan Chi in MKX. His instinct would be covering his hands in blood like Mira for added range and damage.

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How about gunslinger based on van helsing to be in coven story ?

Yes the Tsar is a vampire, but thats just his race or species not necessarily an archetype. So he can be a vampire just like Aria can be a robot just like Fulgore. So he can do things like manipulate the weather or control animals just like Dracula or be a warlock-vampire or even anincubus. I do like the idea of him controlling the wendigos.

Gunslinger like van helsing ?

Is there an Echo in here?

I mean yeah. And that’s probably the direction they’ll go with him in the sequel (if we get one, that is). But, on the flip side, those powers could belong to any number of “magic” characters. It would still all feel very samey. I want something unique. Something you wouldn’t find in any other fighting game. Something killer.

To be fair there are a lot of characters in KI that would feel “normal” in other games as well (Sabrewulf, Orchid, etc.). The Wendigo/Tsar hybrid is a great idea, but it’s not like they have to fuse everything together to make unique and interesting character designs; I mean look at Hisako, she is just an Onryo and her gameplay and aesthetic ended up amazing.

On the topic of the Wendigo-Tsar hybrid wouldn’t it make sense that he would have other wendigoes as strikers? Even as just shadow moves or Instinct it could work since he’s the pack leader after all.

I could see a vampire hunter being a possible character for the “gun character” archetype like Chris Redfield in MvC3 (zoner character where every button has a different gun being used). He could also have a heavy focus on traps to create large setups and combos, with Instinct being a mode where he switches to a new moveset for the duration (involving his most powerful relics used for killing the biggest monsters).

That could work. Something like Enchantress’s character train in Injustice 2

I understand that. I just feel like sense we have Mira, we don’t need another vampire. And I feel that the magic moves people are saying the Tsar should have by himself would fit better with a witch or mage character (my personal preference being a version of Baba Yaga, we need more old women in fighting games). Plus, by itself, a normal Wendigo would feel too similar to Sabrewulf. I don’t want this to be like Street Fighter with a million energy-ball throwing martial artists in gis. I want every fighter to bring something completely new to the table.

I’d rathe our supernatural hunter be more of a John Constantine than a Van Helsing, but that’s just me. I have this idea for a character named Wildcard.

That’s from an older post. Don’t mind the mention of someone named Enyo, it’s not important and could easily be replaced by the Tsar and the Coven. Or any number of cults worshiping KI’s various demons. Now that I think about it, the best character would probably be a fusion of the two ideas.

I got idea of vampire slayer gunslinger named doc weston , afther his people and family was killed and slave by vladtepes the dracula . Doc weston has power of holy bullett and water he become man of machine to slay of wendigo also wendigo king named hannibal