Couple Suggestions for the Site

Great overall job with the site! It certainly is something to get used too and much more cleaner (imo) than the previous one!

One thing I’ve noticed is that at certain times, your most recent highlighted reply (I think) appears incredibly yellow sometimes (which makes incredibly difficult to read the text since it is White). Would recommend changing it to a more appropriate color making it easy on the eyes.

Another thing is (probably minuscule) probably a more noticeable way to see the OP when I’m choosing a thread to go into. Example: In this sub-forum, I can tell who Colt is because his picture, though, not everyone is going to be able to understand who x person is because they’re pro picture is they’re Xbox Gamer pic, which a lot of other people might have.

In addition, the tag feature has the text appearing white, if you could change it to black… That would be awesome :smiley:

Great suggestions. Will definitely look into these tweaks.

As far as the yellow, that should generally only be for Staff posts. So if you ever see yellow it means someone from Microsoft/IG wrote it.

As far as avatars, you can select your own Avatar to use separate from Gamerpics. Granted, Colt’s is super easy to see because it’s used on every profile of his, but I think once we get rolling remembering which user has what avatar will be really simple.

White text - yeah we’re fixing that!

Yea, I strongly encourage everyone to change theirs from the default one of their GT just due to the fact that multiple people can have the same one. And as @rukizzel said, I have the same one everywhere, so mine would stand out more if you follow me on other social media.