Counterbreaker Podcast

Hi guys, not sure if General is the correct forum for this but I’ve launched a new podcast focussing solely on Killer Instinct.

You can find it here at

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

It’s my first ever attempt at podcasting so any suggestions or criticisms will be grately appreciated!


I have moved this topic into Artwork & Videos section.

I will listen to the podcast soon, and tell you what i think!

Thanks so much! i didn’t want to break forum rules on my first post so appreciate you moving the thread!

Do you plan on trying to add it to iTunes?

Indeed, if I’m honest, I struggled with everything needed to get it on there with the short window i allowed myself to actually make the show. Episode 2 onwards should be on iTunes.

You can download the entire first episode for free from soundcloud which is a quick fix for now.

really appreciate the interest though!

I was planning on starting a podcast when March hit, but you beat me to it.

theres plenty of room for everyone dude! if you need any help I’m happy to talk to you. Likewise, happy to have you on as a sguest to plug your show.

Thanks dude! I’m generally not the most outgoing person, but KI has changed that in a dramatic way. I just thought the community could use more talking points.

110% agree with you there!

We have a great and supportive community and we’re crying out for more coverage so anything out there promoting a game is a good thing.

Really stoked that the game has brought you out of your shell, I’ve made so many friends at tournaments and even online because of KI.

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Episodes are now available on iTunes!