Counter Breaking juggle follow-ups

So on numerous occasions I’ve been using Tusk’s Conqueror follow-up with intention to counter break, yet no matter how I time it the defending player gets their breaker every time unless they press it late, which they almost never do. Is this intended?
I’ve lost matches because of this.

I’ve tried in practice mode as well, and either the dummy breaks or I just whiff the counter breaker.

Counter breaking on juggles is like Counter breaking a manual opener. It can only be done once the move makes contact, NO sooner.

This means that if your opponent is MASHING breaker, then they will get the break on the first possible frame. You have to also MASH counter breaker to try to match them on frame 1. If you miss it, and hit frame 2, you will not get it.


Thanks for the reply, although it’s looking like I’m not the only one having issues with first frame counter breakers.
Hopefully Keits can shed some light on things.

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Okay I see your point.

Ok, so you are trying to juggle with the DP and they are breaking it on the first before your can CB? I take it (from how @MrxFlutterShy took your question, and how you responded) that this DP you are doing is the FIRST breaking point of your combo? If that is the case, then yeah, your opponent can be mashing (guess) breaker, and if they are right they can get the breaker on the first frame.

It took me a minute to figure out how to deal with this too. The thing you have to realize is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THE MOVE, OR MAKE CONTACT WITH THE MOVE RATHER, IN ORDER TO DO A COUNTER BREAKER. If someone is mashing breaker, before you even do the move just counter breaker. If they are mashing, they will get caught.

This won’t work on the CPU (iirc). In practice, the CPU doesn’t “mash breaker”, it will just break on the first frame (if you have it set to do that).

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