Counter Breaker windows

These things are SERIOUSLY weird.

In season 2, i was a little frustrated by how many times i would attempt a counter break, only to watch my opponents activate instinct WHILE I WAS STILL IN THE COUNTER BREAK animation.

Now in Season 3, IM the one who Should be caught by a counter breaker, but i keep getting out of it for free because it seems like the “catch” window is only 1 frame long.

Some catch windows last FOREVER, while some can be escaped after just a few frames by activating instinct. I know its supposed to be calculated based on hit-stun, but it just feels so bad right now.

Can we please get a UNIVERSAL Counter Break “catch window”? Like 30 frames or something?

When a counter breaker attempt is made, the other opponent could automatically have 30 frames of hit-stun added, to ensure an even “catch” window for everyone, and the “attempter” could have a 30 frame catch window followed by a 60 frame recovery time. Just an example to show what i mean.

If there is a consistent system in place, there NEEDS to be a Dojo lesson explaining it, because right now it feels random, and there is no way of finding out the TRUE system in-game.

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I have an issue with counter-breakers during shadow moves in S3. To start, I perform a shadow move, and the moment I see the bright yellow flash of my opponent attempting to combo-break it, I do a counter-breaker. However, ever since S3 released, I have NEVER been able to get this to successfully work. Instead, I end up with 2 scenarios that do not end in my favor:

  1. My opponent gets a timing lockout as I do the counter-breaker animation, and I am the 1 left vulnerable to counter-attack.
  2. My opponent successfully combo-breaks, despite having pressed the counter-breaker input long before he actually performed the combo-break.

You are NOT supposed to be able to counter break after seeing that yellow flash. I wonder if that is a connection issue, or if you have found an exploit.

Of course you’re able to do it! Otherwise, the game would be broken and people would be using shadow moves a lot more than they already do. I see opponents successfully pull it off on me ALL OF THE TIME. It’ll work, provided you do it before the 3rd, and final, yellow flash - which I do! I just don’t understand why it works for my opponents and not for me… :’(

The whole point of a counter-breaker is to “Catch” your opponents break attempt. Not “react” to it.

If everyone knew exactly when to counter break, all counter break attempts would be successful 100% of the time? See what i mean?

The only problem I see with a universal catch window is that it would look funky seeing both characters stay all floaty in hit stun for half a second and then the counter breaker recovery animation of the person that attempted it. But other than some janky-ness I’m all for it.

Oh, I know - I’m “catching” them as they try to break my shadow move. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The rules for counter-breakers bend a little due to the fact that combo-breaking a shadow move takes multiple steps. :wink:

It’s also why I think it’s better to counter-break shadow moves immediately if you think they’ll try to combo-break it. Most people I see that do it successfully catch me with it before I can even get all 3 yellow flashes for the combo-break, which leads me to believe that it still follows your interpretation - mostly.

If I counter-break from the outset in an attempt to catch them trying to combo-break my move, I’ll automatically succeed if they even attempt it (and at that point, it’s moot as to whether they’ll get all 3 yellow flashes, as I’ve already trapped them, pe se’). However, if I delay the counter-breaker to see if they do it, I can still succeed once I start seeing the yellow flashes, but my chances are greatly diminished, as they might beat me to it. For example, I might try to beat them before they get the yellow flashes on hit 5 on reaction, but if they get them on hits 1, 2, and 3, they will get the counter-break.

As a matter of fact, I think this is actually what’s happening and is the source of my dilemma. I have to commit to the counter-breaker beforehand.

When you really think about it, it actually works exactly like counter-breaking normally mid-combo against an opponent’s combo-breaker.

If I perform the counter-breaker to catch their combo-breaker, say during an AD, I can preemptively do it and succeed (assuming they follow through with the combo-breaker, of course), but if I delay it, even though I can still do it, they might beat me to the punch as part of, say, a guess break.

It’s all a part of the game’s “killer” mind-games. :smiley:

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@MrxFlutterShy He is saying he is doing a counter breaker after the 1st flash of the 1-2-3.

Not on the 3.
That would be way to late and you would not even get a chance to counter.


Oh you’re giving me horror flashbacks of omens counter breaker from season 2 -_-