Could we get a KI 1 & 2 Clasic 2.0?

I was just thinking about this, but I would honestly like to see if someone could touch up the old games…not in graphics, but in game play. Mostly just stuff like balance, but one thing I would like to see out of both games:
Adjust the ADs and special move commands to be more in line with KI3.
And by this I mean adjust the combos to where there is no order requirement in how the ADs work. You just hit your button of choice, and the AD fires off. It would make KI1 free from it’s clunkyness of having to remember which ADs work with which strength of openers/linkers, and KI2 wouldn’t necessarily need the “around the world” mechanics.

Also some command changes on KI2 would be nice as well…no more :arrow_lower_left: :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left::arrow_upper_left: +P moves…change them to :arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left:+PP

I would like to say it would be nice to adjust the breaker system as well, maybe put it in line with KI3 and have breakers activate by correct strength PK for both games, but I feel like that would cause too many alterations and too much “new” stuff that would be too complicated, because at the very least you would have to add counter breakers, and that alone would cause an entire rework of how the games function.

I’m not saying this needs to be done, but it would be nice to see the older games have a little bit of new life breathed into them.

On a side note, I couldn’t spell Classic correctly for the title because the censor bot said Classic had a$$ in it.

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I would gladly play KI2 Online on PC, and would welcome streamlining you suggested.

Seriously doing half circle-quarter circle motions just to perform a EX move is ridiculous, especially in the middle of combo xD

I am not saying its not impossible, just it requires a lot of time to learn, and it seems kinda pointless, because nobody plays KI2…

Yeah, one of the things I still like about Street Fighter 2 is that you can go back and play it and for the most part like 80-90% of the moves you would learn from current versions are carried over from SF2, so it’s still easy to pick up and play.
Sadly, you can’t do that with KI. The combo mechanics are so radically different in execution between the 3 games you pretty much have to go back & relearn how to play KI 1 & 2, and that’s just at the base level.

Give 1.0 on PC!! Then we can talk about 2.0.


Oh sorry, I’ve got this nasty cough. :grin:

But no online though afaik.

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That’s true…

Perhaps they could kill 2 birds with one stone… PC version for that group, and classics 2.0 for everyone.

ultra64emu, mame, snes9x, project64 - it does not matter. No online, no official, no development, no tournaments, no game…
Why developers are silent?! Please comment!!

I asked code mystics about doing this way back on the KI classic thread. They said they couldnt do it in its current build. They would have to re-make the entire game.
I agree it would be awesome to have an HD remix type of classic version.


Speak for yourself. I never said I wanted the original KI more than KI3. Far from it. If I were forced to completely wipe all code from one game or the other from existence I’d keep KI3 and urinate on the flaming bonfire of KI arcade cabinets and SNES/N64 cartridges while they burned.

What I do want is the ability to go back and play the classics without having to put so much work into relearning all the nuiances of how to do a simple Killer combo with each character.