Could his dash be projectile safe?

I don’t like the bat idea, but if he could pass by projectiles dashing this could be the tweak I would sugest.

… No. No it shouldn’t be projectile safe. It’d by like saying “Hey, you don’t have the one advantage the others lack. Your roll in the sandbox is moot!”

Orchid got the 'nade, it’s a pseudo-projectile so I don’t mind.

Riptor has the firebreath to take out projectiles, I don’t mind.

TJ has an armoured dash with an option for projectile or low invulnerable mixups, I don’t mind.

As long as Wulf doesn’t get a projectile, even if it’s like Dan’s from SF/MvC, I really don’t mind the others’ options.

Does giving him a wall-corner option work?

Back-dashing against a wall can lead to a grab which leaves the option to move 2/3 of the screen using extended ranged Hamstring or Jumping Slash with minimal screen moving 45’ leaping Claw’percut as the heavy.

ONLY works against a true corner or Aganos’ walls, not a false wall like Sadira or Hisako can.

But really… He is amongst the best the game has to offer and it’s only a couple matchups that end up feeling less than his usually advantaged.
S2 changes have served him well and for a character so easy to spam, it’s only the non-rabid that rightly unleash the intelligent beast.


No, his dash already goes through people and can be used as mix up potential for hard knock downs. This would make this character extremely dangerous especially in instinct with the Feral Cancels. He can already get through projectiles just fine.

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Yep; it’s not too hard to slide underneath them already - it’s not needed. :wink:

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I agree with the 3 previous replies. If Sabrewulf were to possess this ability, it would nullify the need to intelligently approach characters like Glacius.

We already have meter-free ways to potentially accomplish three things at once (avoid projectiles, advance position, counter attack) w/ (Shadow) Jumping Slash & Hamstring.

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Can he slide under Spinal’s neutral skulls? I know Orchid can’t. I’ve never tested it with Omen though.

what if…kinda like shadow jago has surge…sabrewulf can have…hmm.lets call it…savage…or.primal…or…feral…so…maybe foe a quarter bar…he can jump off of projectiles.i think it would be interesting…but it maybe a little op…lol u couldn’t stop him from getting close

Sabrewulf is, IMO, incredibly balanced as is because even though the frame data on many of his attacks are really good, he’s still limited by having to find ways to get in in the 1st place. His movement speed is quick, his dash is reasonably good, and he has multiple run attacks that can be used to befuddle and confuse the opponent, giving him an advantage on approach. :wink: