Cosmetic feedback

Hey guys, I just got my xbox one a month ago and I am really enjoying KI, got s1, s2 ultra and s3 ultra yesterday. I love the art style, effects etc but I just have a small concern, I know this game started as 720p , that is why the Microsoft logo at the beginning is so blurred, as long s the stages preview in the selection, is it possible to improve it ? I am not asking for 1080p, It just looks off, to soft. …
It can be silly , but it just ruins the presentation overall, I guess it is not hard to do it .
Thanks guys.

Please move the toggle combo assist button to only be in button configuration, or anywhere off the character select screen, :frowning: I keep accidentally turning it on. Also please move the save shadow data button from above the rematch button so rematch is the first thing you hit. Save shadow data in my opinion should be moved to the middle so you have to hit over left or right to highlight it. Thanks IG!