Corrupted Maya Idea

A lot of KI gamers have a desire for a Shadow Orchid or other version, but I want a Corrupted Maya. As her Season 2 storyline seemed to suggest, Kan Ra’s daggers began to twist Maya’s mind. She eventually fought through, but I want to see her become a pawn of Kan Ra. I would like to see her moveset expanded to offer a flip kick like Sadira to give some variety to her tumble kick, a true rekka where she slices, like her heavy auto double, then turn with her dagger strikes, then cuts through Hisako like with her third hit. I also want to see a return of her S2 damage ender to make her slightly OP, and a mantis that causes a ground bounce that can combo into dagger tosses. It would be cool if they could work in a dagger pinwheel to be a kind of helicopter blade where she charge at you much like Gargos’ Izzik minnion does with his spear. Also, I’d like to see Christmas Santa’s Elf Maya for a holiday costume.

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