Correct stages and themes for characters without their own stage

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I see that with the new update, Mira and Rash already have their own theme songs playing when facing against them (at least in Survival mode). However, Mira’s default stage is still Jago’s, where it should be Sabrewulf’s. Any chance of changing that in the near future?

Also, Rash’s default stage is Kan-Ra’s. May I suggest Cinder’s instead, as I believe suits Rash better? Kan-Ra’s stage would fit Gargos a lot better, given the portal to the Astral Plane and all, whereas Cinder’s stage gives off a vibe that reminisces a lot of Battletoads to me, including two elements that were present in the old games: lava and mechanized areas.

I agree that Mira should be on Sabrewulf’s stage, but I think Rash is good on Kan ra’s stage, since it is the stage with the portal.

But so would Gargos, wouldn’t you agree? It is after all linked to the Astral Plane, according to the S2 story mode, whereas Rash seems to be able to pop up from anywhere (and is a non-canon character).

Kan-Ra’s stage is used for Rash because it has a portal and he comes out of one in his intro. I think that Shadow Tigre’s Lair should be used for Gargos because all of the other Gargos linked characters use it.

I was hoping not, since 3 characters already share it…

I like using Kim Wu’s stage for Rash, a giant green amphibian in a back alley gives off a TMNT vibe.
Saberwulf’s or Sadira’s stage suit Mira.
For Gargos, Kan Ra’s stage seems the best fit to me.

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Battletoads is mostly industrial themed so…

Rash- Cinder

Mira- Sabrewulf

Gargos- Kan Ra

You and me think alike :slight_smile:

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Neither Rash or Gargos “need to be on Kan Ra’s stage”.

The reason why is they both enter via their own portal. So it doesn’t matter that Kan ra’s stage has a portal…they dont use it.

Gargos would be fine on Omens stage as he lead the way for his return.

Rash, could just be random or maybe on Thunders stage.