Coronavirus Declared Pandemic

The Coronavirus is now officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization today.

Hang on… is that Budda wearing a Mask ? :thinking:

Watch this video in case someone is in a panic.
Remember be cautious, not anxious.

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Latest updates on the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Videos I listed could help in some understanding about how to not panic with the coronovirus.

Remember be cautious not anxious.


I would definitely not watch MSNBC if you don’t want to panic. Especially those appearing in the thumbnail :laughing:

I never trusted any of the media on anything.

Regardless of what media source, they all have a vested interest in keeping you glued to their channel or website. They do that by making you angry or scared. So even relatively responsible, fact based reporting is always bookended by hyperbole and fear mongering.

Even the meaning of the word “pandemic” is used to stoke fear when there are in fact lots of pandemic diseases that we are very accustomed to.

Covid-19 is no joke. It is a potentially life threatening respiratory infection. My grandfather died of pneumonia at age 49 from the plain old vanilla flu. It’s serious and people shouldn’t treat it as a joke. But it’s not a zombie apocalypse. We have a very good idea of who is at risk from this disease and if you are under 50 you are at very low risk for any serious complications and fortunately children seem to be very resistant. So that means the best thing you can do is take normal hygiene precautions, and be aware of your contact with at risk populations. If you spend time with elderly or at risk people who have underlying health conditions, it’s best to limit your exposure to large groups of people so you don’t transmit the disease. If you are sick, stay home.

This is all really good practice, basically all the time.


That includes social media along with personal accounts?

Specifically news media. I’ve never had any social media accounts because of all the toxicity going on. The only news I watch is my local news, because I’d like to know whats going on in my town.


i just wanted to post up that if we get trumpbucks i might blow it on the race car or buy an m4 shotty lmao


Hows everyone holding up?

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Well… My Country just went on Lock Down, and now the Fam can’t go to Church or any Social Gatherings anymore… soooo… Pretty Good :slight_smile: After All… nobody I know is sick yet.

We’ve already lost a ton of folks in my country… One pf my friends have lost a friend from this Virus.

I’m very sorry to hear that. I hope you stay safe out there.

Yeah we’re safe so far. We’ve had only 8 deaths in the state of oklahoma.

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I know it’s a long shot- perhaps a very long shot, but what if Killer Instinct sold the currently figure-exclusive Killer Instinct skins as a bundle, while donating the proceeds to the same Coronavirus Relief Fund that 343 Studios is helping with their new R&R REQ Pack?

Let’s see- 2 Shadow Jago skins, 2 Jago skins, 1 Sabrewulf skin, 1 TJ Combo skin, 1 Cinder skin, 1 Spinal skin, 1 Hisako skin, 1 Orchid skin, and 1 Fulgore skin for $9.99 as a special Ultimate Source Skin Bundle to help humanity fight the pandemic? I’d buy it.


PS. There is a single Shadow Jago figure remaining on Entertainment Earth; who wants to get it before it disappears?


While a cool idea, the game isn’t a big seller anymore and development on it ceased a while ago, so I’d be surprised if Microsoft did this.


The game is making a big splash in social media as part of the social distancing that is going on. A week ago I would have said “yeah why not, but no big deal.” But if anyone is still manning the helm for the game they could really be striking at exactly the right time with some new support for the game right now.

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