Cool idea for future storylines

After I watched the Kim Wu trailer, I realized something. Both Jago and Kim Wu are vessels of spiritual deities, i.e The Tiger spirit and the Dragon spirit. Both of the deities could be a reference to the Four Symbols or Four Holy Beasts in Chinese mythology. The other two beasts are the Phoenix and the Tortoise. What if in the future K.I games they include two more characters that are vessels of the Phoenix spirit and the Tortoise spirit. Just throwing some ideas out there, also could be cool just to see some Asian mysticism worked in the story.

Thunder (or Eagle) might be representing the Phoenix already, given their “Weyakin” spirits. Maybe this is something IG is already planning for, and we’ll see a character who could resonate with the Tortoise later down the line?


hmmm, I could see Thunder or Eagle representing the Phoenix spirit. Never would’ve have thought of that. Also to just change things up a bit, I think that the Tortoise spirit should be on the opposing side (UltraTech). Would be kinda boring if all of the spirit vessels were all good guys.

Unless the point was to show some kind of pantheon of gods having a hand in preserving humanity through their chosen instruments.

Who knows? Maybe none of our speculation actually means anything - but we’ll see where this might go!

…and you don’t think Aganos already personifies the tortoise himself? He’s large, slow, and tough! :wink:

… with absolutely zero direct connection to a tortoise, where the previous examples all display the creature on their own body…

Well, you can’t put tattoos on rocks, my friend. :wink:

Could give him a shell though.

I feel its reaching, regarding Thunder and Aganos. Yeah a link can be made but it really doesn’t add anything to thunder and its not like his character motiv isn’t enough already.

If they were to make these characters their nationalities should be:

Phoenix: A Mongolian archer, because bow and arrows are a big deal in Mongolian culture and I think a bow and arrows is the bests weapon that would represent a fenix.

Tortoise: This is a hard one, I would imagine this character is Vietnamese that is alot older, wise and patient. His weapon would be a bow staff.

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:dragon: Kim Wu

:tiger2: Jago

:turtle: Arbiter

:bird: Fulgore (Eagle)

We also have:

:fire: Cinder
:zap: Thunder
:leopard: Orchid
:wolf: Sabrewulf
:skull: Spinal
:snake: Tusk
:ghost: Hisako
:snowflake: Glacius
:frog: Rash
:bug: Sadira
:hocho: Maya
:moyai: Aganos
:angel: ARIA
:facepunch: T.J. Combo
:cyclone: Kan-Ra
:crocodile: Riptor
:busts_in_silhouette: Omen
:space_invader: Gargos

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oo oo oo… could Cinder be the Phoenix? I’d love to see a redemption and Cinder could be it.