Cool articles on footsies, reaction speeds, and mental stacks in FGs

A cool explanation of how a player can try to improve their mental stack while playing a fighting game. He calls it a “theory” he has but it’s definitely more or less fact from my perspective, and he explains it in a way that I think is 100% true:

A neat way to think about footsies in traditional SF games (and tbh, it applies to pretty much all games, whether they are grounded footsies focused or not). People looking to get better at all FGs would do well to read it, it tries to shift the focus away from “doing move because opponent is in range” to “doing move because you have a specific thing you think your opponent wants to do”, which I’ve talked a bit about on these forums as a way to transition from intermediate player to strong player.

I like articles like this because it gets away from click-baity titles and short-form discussion you so often see on places like twitter and reddit, where upvotes and retweets are more important.


I’ve read the first one but never heard of the second one. Miller’s book for new player was the first structured read about fighting game I had and that was pretty mind-blowing. Every now and then, especially when I haven’t played for a lot, I skim it

Great articles. I particularly liked the one discussing mental stacks. I think a lot of that “next level” of gameplay derives from having a sense of what is going into an opponent’s mental stack and adjusting your play to subvert or otherwise overwhelm it. I think KI in particular has a lot of really powerful and interesting ways to challenge a foe’s ability to juggle multiple threats :slight_smile:

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