Cooking with RGL Official!

I’m making this thread with no other purpose then to channel my boredom somewhere. Here I will share all the amazing and unhealthy snacks I’ve been making for myself overtime, and I’ll tell you how to cook them. I will also be giving these snacks Killer Instinct themed names and descriptions. All the following pictures have been taken with my phone camera.

Let’s start out simple…


As an insane Wulf man, Saberwulf consumes a whopping 1689 lbs of meat a day. But for those more civilized mornings, our furry warrior prefers a fried egg sandwich. Here’s how it’s constructed:

Step 1: take a loaf of wax bologna and cut an inch thick slice off it.

Step 2: fry that ish using butter to prevent it from sticking to the pan until it’s a nice shade of brown.

Step 3: using butter again, fry a single egg being sure to keep the yolk intact for about 2 minutes. Flip and fry for another 60 seconds. Use medium heat.

Step 4: construct! (pictured above)

Step 5: feed to Saberwulf!

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Tomorrow, I’ll teach you guys how to make these…

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I cant wait to see what you have for a fulgore themed meal.

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I have a lot of pictures to go through. I’ll figure something out…



What if you could have a finger food that was an edible cliche of gamers everywhere? This proposed meal is so good that no amount of Ultratech research can duplicate the flavor. That batter? DORITOS. That cheese? DORIT-… Well, you know what I mean. Here’s whats up.

Step 1: Crush an entire bag of Doritos into a powder, about the size of your typical breadcrumbs.

Step 2: Buy a block of cheese (any kind) and cut cubes around an inch length and width.

Step 3: Whisk an egg in a bowl. This will act as your “glue”.

Step 4: Take a fork and use it to handle the cheese (this is to minimize the mess). Dip the cheese in the whisked egg and drop it in the crushed Doritos.

Step 5: Be sure your Doritos powder is in a bowl with a lid (or even the bag assuming it’s not damaged).

Step 6: With the lid on, shake the bowl with the egg covered cheese to give the cheese a clean and equal coating of Doritos batter.

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 four or five times until the cheese cube looks like a sphere.

Step 8: Place your pan of cheeseballs in the freezer for a half hour to make sure the batter sticks during the deep frying process.

Step 9: Deep fry the balls in vegetable oil. It shouldn’t take more then ten seconds to get the crispy shell you want. So be careful.

Step 10: The cheese inside will still likely be cold, so bake your pan of fried cheeseballs. To melt the cheese inside.



When I get back from my 10-day trip to Florida, my next recipe will utilize this…


I think I like this. KEEP THIS GOING.

We’ll call it…
#“The Devestation Beef”


I’m so hungry right now…

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keep this going man

This is awesome! :joy:

Hey guys, currently in a hotel room with wifi. Stopping by to remind all of you that this will continue once I’m back.

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This has to be the greatest Cooking Themed Thread ever.

Waiting for “The Windkick” Special

(Cough) @oTigerSpirit (cough)

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Made an epic omelette today. Let me know if you want a recipe!

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What’s it called!?

Idk… It’s just an omellete… (B-b-b-breakfast Breaker?)

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Ultimate Omelet?

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well I always assumed it was called breakfast like breaking a fast so…
f-f-f-fast Breaker? Lol