Controller support for PC

Can we have Controllers take priority for the player 1 slot for Killer Instinct? It’s really a pain in the rear that I can -see- that my controller is available, that I can use it navigate menus, but I can’t actually use it to play the game!

You can, but atm seems that the PC version have a weird bug that makes the Keyb. override the gamepad some times. I don’t know if it will help but try to change de usb ports, before running KI.

you need to use joytokey also set the internal processing engine to 16x to eliminate the 24ms lag

Is there a proper version of joytokey that you would recommend?

I’d test this with my controllers to verify how this works, but my lack of a graphics card currently means that I won’t be able to do this for a while. Will be happy to try and test when I get one though

So I went and used JoyToKey and was able to get some solid practice in (works great, game is -butter- smooth, and the dojo is awesome, I’m so excited to finally get to play!) but almost immediately once I left Dojo mode and went into some of the quick challenges, the game glitched out on my controller, putting itself at odds with the keyboard and JoyToKey, turning my ‘gameplay’ into unplayable mess of pausing and unpausing every time I tried to medium kick (B on my Xbox controller, K for the keyboard, and Ditto when using JoyToKey, so why would it be pausing?)

This is almost unplayable and it breaks my heart. I -want- to play this game, I -want- to spend the money to pick up all the characters or even just cherry pick my favorites, but damn it, we -need- controller priority or this is a mess when you’re a laptop gamer!

So, after a bit more testing, I’ve found out that the solution (for now) is to not touch your keyboard. At all. While playing Killer Instinct.

No tabbing out to do something else, or messaging people, or what have you. You can only play KI with a controller on PC at this point if you leave your keyboard alone entirely.

And that’s fine I guess, but I’d still like to see a ‘Controller Priority’ implemented.