Controller problems on Windows 10 Edition

Okay, so as of recent im trying to get back into Killer Instinct, and no longer have my Xbox. I started playing on windows 10 version, through the microsoft store because i had never had problems with it before… Until now.

I have scraped a little bit of the forums for a solution but im a very slow reader cause im kind of dumb af.

long story short,im trying to use my xbox one controller, through a USB, to play Killer Instinct. Whenever i make it to a character select screen, the icon in the top left which highlight which controller i can use or am using, should i say, will only highlight my keyboard icon, and does not let me use my controller. On rare occasions i am able to use my controller and ill play fora while and then i am back to the same problem. Will not let me set my controller bindings in the controls section either. This is unbeievably infuriating, if anyone has a fix, it would be so appreciated as i miss this game and my friends and i would like to jump back into it and maybe introduce it to the local tournament scene that i organize.

Some side notes, my controller has abosllllllllllllutely 0 problems with other games, I play sea of thieves without any complaints and same with enter the gungeoun.

Here’s a few troubleshooting steps for you:

  • Install the Xbox Accessories App from the Microsoft Store, and make sure your Controller is running the latest firmware.
  • Go to Device Manager and see if there’s a Driver Update for the Controller.
  • Run Windows Update and confirm your OS is up-to-date.
  • Check to see if there’s an issue with Killer Instinct (2013) itself and repair or clean-install the app.

If the problems persist, and you’re able to, I’d test with a second Controller/different connection method to rule out the Controller itself as the issue.

Hope the above helps, and if you’re not sure how to do any of the above I can post more details.

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Having exactly same issue. It was working fine up until two weeks ago weirdly enough. @MetaSalt did you get it fixed in the end?