Controller help

does ps4 contoller work on the windows verion

I’m not sure about that but I’ll throw out a controller recommendation anyway I just in case you’re interested check out the hori fighting Commander OCTA.

It’s not too expensive and well worth it with a pretty good d-pad and a really good left stick

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I bought a Hori controller as well (the white one) and I love it. I can’t plug in the Xbox headset + mic I bought though :frowning:

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There’s a white one?!? I thought they only came in Black.

You know I’ve been fiddling all night trying to get my headset and mic working with my Hori. I bought a mayflash 300 and you can’t use a mic with that either

is that why? It’s like it works for a second and it’s acts like it works but no one can hear me and I can’t figure out what to do about it.

I use Xbox and I was told also that you can use the Xbox app as a mic but I can’t figure out how to get that working either

the white one is an older model I think.
I tried to use the headset by plugging it in the Xbox controller and keeping it turned on while using the Hori, I can hear people talking through the headset, but people can’t hear me and my lovely voice.

I believe you have the same model as me. I have the Hori Fighting Commander for Xbox One. Sadly, there’s no jack for my headset, so as you know I’m using a stock Xbox (One) Controller now.