Controller Help?

Hi everyone I just started playing the base game and am enjoying it so far, planning on getting the DE soon. Anyway I’m wondering if anyone else had he same situation as I did or can help me. I’m playing on windows 10 and tried playing with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller but when I change the button layout it won’t register the ZR and ZL but works fine with every other button. Is it because the game doesn’t support other parties’ controllers? Well, thanks for allowing me into the community and hope to continue having fun playing.

It depends… did you have to use a mod to get the Switch controller to work on a PC?

Sorry for the late response but I didn’t even know you could use mods. I booted up the game and wanted to see if it was possible and through Bluetooth connected my controller and it worked. Sorry if my response is lacking.

That’s fine. The short answer is this, Nintendo never designed their Pro controller to work on PC, so there is no guarantee that all functionality will work.

In terms of mods. In the past I’ve seen people use mods on their PC to allow use of controllers that normally wouldn’t work at all. Such as the PS3/4 controller.