Consumables used while activating Ram guardian

Is anyone else having an issue where after you combo break with the ram your consumable will suddenly activate for no reason? It’s happened to me a couple of times and it’s a little irritating to say the least :neutral_face:

I think that’s what happened to me. Had a 1v2 fight earlier and saved my consumable for the second fight. However it was not there anymore. I didn’t notice the activation and I’m sure that I did not taunt. But I might have used a psychic breaker. So yeah, that could be a bug worth looking into.

Using the right stick and the right direction counts as taunt in SL. So if you accidentally flick the stick right then you use your consumable. If you’re using the right stick you must flick it left to break medium moves.

That’s interesting. Was that said anywhere? I must have missed it.

Interesting, I’ll try this out to see if it makes a difference. Thanks

No it doesn’t say that anywhere. It just…happens. I realized this yesterday when I tried combo breaking things and somehow I ended not breaking and my items ended being sed…even though I never hit the taunt button…or so I thought.