Constantly Disconnecting

For some reason, after turning on Windows firewall because the game literally won’t let you find a match without it on, I am now disconnecting from almost every match. Couldn’t really tell you why. This didn’t happen the last time I played which was quite some time ago. Last time I upgraded to Windows 10 it was flawless and worked fine right off the bat. Now that I’ve done it again on my new PC, it just disconnects me nonstop. Windows firewall is turned on, ports are forwarded, and defender is off. I’m out of ideas.

1.Check out if you have Teredo adapter

2.If you have any VPN adapters like Hamachi or Tunggle, disable them in network adapters section in control panel (be wary that current version of Hamachi has some weird process going on in task manager, that re-enables Hamachi adapter few seconds after you disabled it)

3.Check your NAT type in Xbox app -> settings - > network