Consider adding an optional header to distinguish old from new posts to help with screen reader accessibility?

Over all, I’m having a mostly easy time using the sight accessibly, but one small change would drastically simplify the way I keep up with topics as a partially blind user. I know a feature of having an account is the sight dropping you right at the point you stopped reading in a topic. The problem with this though, is that screen readers don’t track where the sight auto focuses. The screen reader jumps up to the start, and trying to remember keywords to find your place in a conversation from days ago/read over 300 messages isn’t all that viable.

I wouldn’t be seriously asking for this feature if it weren’t for the fact that its been stated a redesign is coming next month. You guys have bigger problems to deal with than making things work for the .001 percent of your users who would appreciate this.
In theory this feature wouldn’t be a super complicated addition to make, but I have no idea how the system is set up in actuality.
The heading wouldn’t need to be visually visible to normal users. You guys could make it the same color as the background.
From what I’ve also noticed, H2 doesn’t seem to be used on the current design, though that could change depending on what you guys have planned.
If h2 isn’t viable, how about H3 or H4?
I know there are accessibility tags and the like web devs can use to show content to the screen readers only, but I don’t know enough about the code behind those to even begin to explain how that would work.

Thanks for reading.

I’m in agreement with this asI’ve had topics show up where I know where I want to be but can’t find my place because the field of view, as it were, is limited.

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