Connection abusing on ranked to cheat?

So I’m playing my first match of the day on ranked and I run into this Jago. I lose the first round getting warmed up but on the second round I hit my stride and manage to win only for this guy to lag bomb the hell out of me RIGHT when he hits danger state.

I’m right next to my router and I wasn’t cut off Xbox live like what usually happens if Xbox live is having trouble and I even checked my network settings with it saying my multiplayer connection is fine. It could be the KI servers but I highly doubt it. If possible can someone look into this? Here’s the link of the clip. I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this topic.

Disconnects happen all the time in this game regardless of the internet. The only way you can tell if someone is abusing it to cheat is if they do it repeatedly. I’ve bumped into people where it looks like they rage quited but then I bump into them three more times in a row with no disconnects and they take their losses.

I definitely see that. But this smelled like fowl play our connection was fine right up until that convenient point as he was losing.

He just rage quit…thats all. He didnt cheat…he quit. You got the win and he got the loss. If he didnt disconnect and came back and won the match …then maybe he lagged it…but that didnt happen so you cant say he cheated.

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The quality fluctuates for me lately. Today zero lag. Yesterday, 4 out of 35 ranked matches were laggy immediately after intros. I got two disconnects but I feel bad in case it was me. No way to check…today was very smooth…

This was not lag. He left.

It’s matching you against people from God knows where. It’s not your fault if the connection is bad - not is it the other guys unless he is running of a truly messed up connection.

I will frequently get screwy things in ranked, but when I try to play people I know it functions just fine.

I was credited with the loss though is why I was so pissed at the time.

It could have just been an honest disconnect. It’s happened to me. In MKX I have been in a ranked match, and got to the point where I was down a round and almost dead on the second one and then my connection starts lagging and I got disconnected. The timing sucks because I know the other person thought I pulled the plug or something, but I really didn’t, sometimes that ■■■■ happens.

Yeah, I think we all see strange things happen online because… reasons. I know that there are some people out there who cheat, but I doubt it’s a fraction of the number of people who are accused or suspected of cheating. It’s just so easy when you lose to say “that guy ONLY lagged when I was in combo.” It may be true, but you are not likely to notice the guy lagging when you are lying on the ground. So, I think people tend to fixate on the idea of cheating way more than it deserves.

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