Confuse questions about eyedol?

i had played KI and saw inconclusive questions about eyedol(their two heads stance) that i don’t understand, and ask if that is error or not
1-eyedol intro always with the mage head because their club are purple eletricity ever
2-after instinct eyedol stay on red savage head allways

then , eyedol gameplay is one of the best i ever see, but thats stuffs show me some desbalanced each head

what are your opinion about that ?

Not 100% sure that I understand the questions you’re asking, but I’ll try to provide some insight.

  1. Eyedol’s intro swaps between mage and warrior. You technically need to wait until the “NO ONE” part of his intro to see which head he’ll ultimately end up on - how he’s holding the mace or what color it is to start doesn’t mean anything, as he can wind up in either stance from it.
  2. After instinct, Eyedol will always be in warrior, but from there will follow his usual stance switch rules (where every action makes him more likely to randomly switch to a different head).

Hope that answers your questions. :+1:t5:


very thanks for your attention

1 . i undestand , my question was by the fact their mace is allways purple. i gues eyedol intro should be the two heads activate like instinct (with purple and red mace at the sametime)
2- yes i got it . you`re right . their instinct position is most conveniente to warrior head , but return allways for alternation heads.

sorrry for my confuse english . that is not my first tongue

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No worries - speaking another language is tough. I’m just happy we were able to answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the props. Appreciate it. :wink:

thanks you very much . this question made me think … if eyedol return in next KI with some new accessories , trojan soldier skin , maybe earring , piercings and you could costumize color eyes of mage and warrior heads ( the collors just work it if they were differents, though) . perharps , their reception would outrageous .