Concept for videos for beginners

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share with you a little something that I cooked up today. It’s a short video of all of Jago’s attacks that can be broken within the KI combo system. It’s something that I really needed as a new KI player a while back. I found a few well-done videos by RandomSelectTV on how to break Spinal, Thunder, Jago and Sabrewulf, but unfortunately, there haven’t been any more posted since.

I am doing this mostly for my own reference and will go through each and every character. I am not a video content creator, so these will lack some of the frills, fancy editing and so on that you might see elsewhere. Also, I am currently using the X1 DVR feature, which is why it’s in 720p and 30 fps only, but once the game is out on PC, I will record this stuff properly.

Please check out my concept video and let me know what you think. Would you like me to share this with you when I’m done with the other characters? If so, do you feel anything’s missing, like more annotations in the punch/kick sections to point out the opener, auto-doubles, linkers and ender within the combo?

I’m sorry to inform you that your video is misleading and wrong.

Not all punches, kicks, and shadow attacks are breakable as your video would have new players believe.

If I punch or kick you, it can’t be broken. However, if I start a combo and punch or kick you as part of an auto-double, that CAN be broken.

If I hit you with a shadow move that can’t be broken. However, if I hit you with a shadow move mid-combo as a linker, that CAN be broken. However, if I use a shadow move as an opener or ender on the combo that CANNOT be broken (unless the latter is part of an opener-ender combo).

Special moves can’t be broken either, unless they are also, like shadow moves, linkers in a combo. And just like shadow moves, they also can’t be broken if used during the opener or ender portion of the combo. Furthermore, certain special moves (with a few exceptions), like projectile special moves, are NEVER breakable.

…and you don’t even show HOW to break them, which I would argue is MORE important. For example, to break a light punch or light kick auto-double, you’d need to press both light punch and light kick at the same time (and the same goes for the other strengths of attack too - MP/MK AD = MP+MK to combo break; HP/HK AD = HP+HK to combo break).

You need to recreate your video so it ONLY shows the auto-doubles, linkers and other things that can actually be broken OR highlight the portions of the combo as they occur so you’re not confusing your audience as to which portion of the combo you’re talking about.

For example, when your video shows “light punches” you’re actually showing a combo that shows a light laser sword opener, followed by a light punch auto-double that’s on repeat ad nauseum (with no ender, I might add). While both are breakable, the audience won’t necessarily know that or know that you’re only really talking about the auto-double portion of the clip at that point in time.

Thank you for watching.

Unfortunately, you have completely misconstrued the purpose of the video, so let me explain. The purpose is not to explain how the KI combo system works, what can and cannot be broken and when it can or cannot be broken. It is solely to provide visual and aural reference to allow people to familiarize themselves with what the doubles and linkers look and sound like, as well as the timing on the shadow linkers. That’s why I recorded both the shadow opener and linker to highlight the difference in timing between the two (or lack thereof, in the case of Shadow Wind Kick). The linker-double loops also serve a similar purpose, that is they show you a kind-of-valid combo (sans ender, as you noticed) with the same linker and auto-double several times in a row, so you can see and hear what it looks like when performed within a combo (that is, within context, as opposed to showing only the doubles, only the linkers, etc).

With all that said, you’re right that if I decide to put this out for a wider audience, I should be more descriptive in which part of the combo is which, what can be broken, hit counts and timing on screen, etc. But I simply do not have the time and skill to make all that happen. So what I’m going to do is create a reference for myself (I can only break most heavy doubles, some medium doubles and a select few heavy linkers on reaction) - and if there is any interest, make it public on the off chance that it can help others like it will help me. All the same, I would like to make it as good as I can within my time and skill confines, so thanks again for your comments.