Computer hardware info. Pc GFX tests/questions/Performance/more

Hello dear users!

I would like to ask if anyone has any issues with his KI on pc.

I have tried until this day many GFX setups on my pc just to see how KI flows,i came onto some rather peculiar results.

The computer used is an i3-6100 OC @ 4.45ghz with 16gb ram -ssd drive for OS and games,the whole deal.

Graphics cards : hd 7850 - hd 7850 cf - r9 280 - r9 280x -r9 280x CF - gtx 1060

the scores i get for the online ranked games etc goes like this : (i wont include CF setups since CF is not supported…in year 2016 which is a terrible bummer and should be fixed…if…possible) :

hd 7850 : 1065

r9 280 : 1480

r9 280x : 1535

gtx 1060 : 1120

, the question i would like to ask the developers mostly is : What is this?Why my brand new gtx 1060 (works perfectly ,for example BF4 ALL ultra + 4x AA with Vsync OFF : 160-180 fps) gets only 1120 points while a 3 year old r 9 280x (rebranded 7970 which makes it i dont even know how old…) runs at the 1500 range?

Why is it that a brand new gtx 1060 with 6gb vram and other features that pushes the hd 7850 back to the middleages has almost similar score to the 7850?

Is there going to be any type of customization so the game ,which is absolutely marvelous ,can play at a top notch performance level ? Crossfire support? ( i know win 10 store right?) Why arent you guys (developers) taking the full advantage of modern day tech?

Thank you for your time.

p.s : Grammatical mistakes should be forgiven,not my native language.

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The reason the R9 is higher most be because the R9 run at a lower native resolution.

Ex: the gtx 1060 run at 3840x2160 and the R9 run in 1920x1080.

If it does not seems to explain the issue.

Look at your processor usage while doing the test an i3 is kinda low same if it’s a good one.

If its not your setup try to turn of lighting and shadow graphical options to see which one make you drop the more or clean install.

i think is the memory bandwith,has nothing to do with resolution,its 1080p on all setups.cpu usage is ok.the point is not the score but the incompetence of the game to utilize the gfx.Thats why i asked for developer reply.

what card(s) have you used for ki pc and what scores did you get?im researching for numbers here,i havent found any.Anyone who uses pc and he’s up to it,post cpu/gpu/score here.thank you!

Ya the problem is, I highly doubt the developer reply on forum, just sayin.

I try to help you, ther most be something that bottleneck with your 1060 that doesn seems to happen on your r9.
Ex: your CPU, etc.

What you mean by GFX i assume is the power of your material ie: your 1060.

You says that the developer are not using the full power of your video cards.

It is seemingly not true.

Your spec are not even that high you dont have the perfectly beast computer you think you have.

It would be better to start to search what’s the reason of your issue instead of calling out ppl who will not answer on things you does not seems to understand too well.

read the post again,clearly you havent.

It’s really hard to understand tho.

Your post make barelly no sense.

Your test is no proof of a poorly optimized game for new video cards .

I’ve read it several time and i still think your setup is the problem and not how the game is developed.

If you don’t want help good for you.

Read the post,again,why do you waste your time?Bottlenecking?How did you make that up?Please explain your train of thought that came to the word “bottleneck”,what was that about resolution thing man?native?native to what?my post makes barelly any sense to you,you got stuck on the 280 and you never saw that hd7850 gives almost the same results , the only difference that the hd7850 and r9 280 have compared to the 1060 is the memory bit interface,so im asking here with people on pc,to post ,if they want , their card model and test-number so i can form a pattern and maybe come to conclusions ,thus the “developer” question,to confirm if the memory bit bus plays the major role on this game,but hey,no offence here,dont waste your time on this.Thanks.

+i never asked for help.
+i never said the game is bad optimized
+you have posted 3 times and you gave no numbers for the sake of it,do you even play on pc?
+why try to be a smart-â– â– â–  instead of post the valuable info that was asked in the OP?

Your english is pretty bad, i know mine not that good nether but what you says doesn make sense.
At least in english.

Why do you think no one gave you any answer so far ?

Like your computer, you’re not half as good as you think you are.

I tried to help cause i pity you but ho well have a good day Sir.

Keep your pitty for yourself man,and its nice to know that you represent the whole community in here (despite the fact that i wrote on my original post that my english are indeed bad),so find something like a mirror to induce your bitterness before you address to me again.You seem to know pretty much about people and its nice to know that we have a possible psychologist among us in the forums.Keep up the good support man,whats your pc again?ah yeah,you havent posted yet,because yeah,clueless :slight_smile:

I7 6 core @ 3.5 htz, 64gb of ram, nvidia gtx 1070.

I scored a 1950 / 1000

Btw i work in the film biz with 4k and 8k proxies, so i needed the horsepower for for editing. So lucky ki came out across platforms cause my tv died recently and just had my pc to hold me over

Your bottleneck is the cpu, not GPU. i3? Oof upgrade that man, no wonder your 1060 isn’t pulling its weight. 16gigs of ram is more than enough for any video game.