Complete Season 2 Review by LCD | Season 3 Ideas/Thoughts

Fulgore is the best character in the game by far. He doesn’t need any buffs. Also arias Hp Bass is not at the same angle as heavy laser and has way more start up.

I know his HP laser isn’t the same angle as Bass. I’m saying it should be. Her and Agano’s flick are good for matchups like Cinder or Sadira where Fulgore’s laser is almost dead in those matchups because of how easy they can avoid it. The only matchup in the game that I even consider HP eye laser usable is Omen. That’s it. Range is too short, and I would rather just catch with a Light DP instead.

I’ll also say as I’ve said before, if he is the best character in the game, why does no one play him. If he is the best character in the game he should be the only one played.

Why wouldn’t it be a counter pick? He tried a couple of other characters, should he risk playing what he played the first time and lost? Or try another pocket counter pick? If I saw Fulgore in other matches besides specifically Thunder and Kan-Ra, then I wouldn’t go the counterpick route but those were the only matches he was used for and those are counter picks. Maybe not hard counter picks but definitely more favorable.

I don’t know how many fighting games you’ve played, but they don’t work like this (even though it’s not unreasonable to think they should work like this). Fulgore is a high-effort character with a very high upside, and KI is still relatively new and underexplored; our player base is small and we don’t have that many scientists dishing out unstoppable tech. Also, not every strong player will identify with the character, even if they are very good. Picking a fighting game character is a strangely personal thing.

To be perfectly honest, I think if KI had the player base of SF4 and the scientists breaking it down, Fulgore would have been nerfed a lot more heavily than he’s seen. There’s some super amazing stuff hidden in there (and stuff we actually DO know about) that just isn’t being used, and his character design is so good at everything that if he were to run away with the game, I’m not sure who could stop him.

At the risk of hijacking LCD’s thread into yet another “let’s talk about Fulgore” thread, though, I’ll stop here.

I read LCD’s overview and found it pretty interesting. I agree on some points, and disagree on others, but it’s nice to know where people are coming from. I think more recognized players in the tournament scene should make posts like this, so we can understand their thought process and how they approach the game.

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I main Fulgore so I’m pretty adamant about him. I’m not trying to Highjack the thread either but, where it’s a community of opinions and ideas, whenever anything where Fulgore might need a change comes up it’s always shut down saying, he is fine. I play him day in day out, he isn’t perfect as no character in this game is. I try to make good comparisons to help maybe see where I’m getting at. His HP laser for instance. Yeah full screen was too good, but now, it’s crap. Changing it’s angle to make it an anti meaty crossup would give it a possible use but not make it impossible to cross him up. His DP can’t even save him in a corner where any other character in the game’s dp will. So swapping that will give him an option for relentless Jumpins when he is locked in a corner. Comparing his damage, I know why they nerfed it but they based his damage on tools, so I pointed out the tools they compared that he doesn’t have and other options they have that he doesn’t have. Both Maya and Kan-Ra have significant damage unbreakables that don’t even require meter. 15-20% from a random juggle is still good. It’s free damage. I never even got into both Maya and Kan ra having air projectiles. There are a lot of things, as you said, that need a community to work on and provide feedback. Right now, I’m trying to analyze Fulgore and get stuff out there, and rather than get hey, use this option if you’re pinned, this move doesn’t suck here’s a use I found, or his damage is fine with these setups and adjustments in matchups. All that is great and info I would love to hear it, but all I get? You’re wrong, Fulgore is the best character in the game, just no one plays him so yeah, best character without info. See what I mean? I have the only thread started up about Fulgore, if you’re interested in continuing.

I’ve engaged in a ton of discussion with you on the other boards about Fulgore’s best options for beating all sorts of stuff. I’d be happy to discuss these specifics with you again in another thread. Go ahead and tag my username in a topic you want me to reply to.

Why make a thread a never come back? You could aswell write what your post in a blog. The idea of a forum os to discuss, if you’re gonna make a thread people expect you to part of the discussion.

I disagree with the Riptor Tail Flip suggestion. As a Riptor main, I’ve never had trouble knowing which side to block (heavy tf has very noticeable forward momentum) and when she’s using them off blocked talon rake you can just backdash then block. I DO, however, think she needs a damage boost, or at the very least, the speed at which some of her normal come out needs increased. Flame carpet is fine as is, and is one of her best tools after her tail flip ender. Yes, there’s ways to get out of it, but that’s exactly what makes it so useful. You can jump back out of it or dp, but the Riptor player knows that just as much as you do, and can act accordingly

Glacius doesn’t have a back dash. He’s also very tall, sometimes making jump-ins and crossups a little ambiguous. Honestly, I’m starting to regret all the time I’ve put into him. I get the distinct feeling that development team either hates him, has completely forgotten about him, or just doesn’t know what to do with him.

Why the hell do we still have to deal with such poor mobility, because of an unbreakable? Not only can shatter only be used at three distinct locations, but it’s also one of the slowest moves in the game. Kan-Ra can sand spike his opponent at their location, create a sandtrap by doing so, and determine his opponent’s direction from the hit, all in a shorter time frame WITH really good mobility. Because he’s a “zoner”? Kan-Ra, Fulgore, Spinal, Aria, Cinder, and even Maya and Jago under the right circumstances are better zoners with extremely good mobility. His instinct makes very little sense anymore in a cast of characters that contain multi-hitting normal and specials. All of this, and Glacius is one of the easiest, if not easiest characters to break.

Because Shatter is an unblockable combo starter that does a ton of damage, and Spike is a blockable launcher that only situationally leads into a combo and does basically no damage by itself.

Shatter is a full screen command grab without command grab recovery. Spike is definitely not that.

Ha, no one is arguing that. I know exactly what shatter is. The point is the payoffs don’t equate. Shatter may be unblockable, but it is magnitudes slower and avoidable on reaction, not to mention requires setup. Sand spike tracks the opponent’s location, controls space, sets up resource, is faster, and Kan-Ra maintains significantly higher mobility. The payoff does not even out, even if it is unbreakable. That is the point. Hell, Maya can pretty easily generate an unblockable combo starter, and she’s definitely not punished in regards to her mobility. Just saying.

Oh, and shatter is not full-screen. Max distance is somewhere around 2/3 or 3/4 screen distance.

You forgot that Sand Spike can also hit airborne opponents where shatter requires them to be grounded. That sand spike causes a launched state where Shatter does not. Even though Shatters hit-box extends I would say up to Glacius’ waist, it has about 3 frames to hit a jumpy opponent. Where sand spike can just be done when they are falling and launch them away again anyways.

I wanted to let enough time go by before I respond to what people think.

I agree on Hisako’s backdash. She is an overall solid and fun to play character. She does have wake-up options, of course none of them are guaranteed, but they are all offense based (none of her options get her out of pressure except by guessing correctly and opening your opponent up).

I would like it if she got a buff to her backdask or her teleport. You can get thrown out of backdash on startup FFS. Really?!?

Her teleport doesn’t need a buff, you have some options to cancel some of the recovery but it shouldn’t just be a safe move entirely. Her back dash is mildly weak but a lot of characters can get thrown during certain frames of their dash unless the dash has a far distance like Thunder’s is deceptively far. I might look into her back dash in the lab when I get home. You should be able to dash a grab but it depends what frames are invulnerable.

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Other characters have always been able to escape my throw attempts by backdashing. She doesn’t need a fast or far backdash, but escaping a throw should be possible.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that she can answer throws with her influence command grab that she remains vulnerable to throws during the startup of her backdash. No other character can counter a throw in a way that opens the opponent up for full combo, from the top of my head. But this is only when she has full wrath.

I do agree on the teleport, tho.

Aganos does have a mid-screen threat: the Peacemaker. The issue is that it’s way too expensive to obtain outside of Instinct and can be lost just as easily as it is while in Instinct, where he gets it several times for free, making it not worth pursuing in neutral. Additionally, it makes his bad up-close defense even worse.

It’s discussed with pretty good depth here: Making the Peacemaker more useful

I was thinking the exact same thing Paul. Still complaining about adding stuff to the characters he uses and taking away from the ones he can’t beat. Also, talks about characters you can tell he’s spent ZERO time in the lab with like Cinder. Cinder is so easy to break in the air once you’ve spent some time understanding his mechanics and animations. Same with Aria. Her Instinct really is the best since…I’m not even gonna waste my time explaining something when that’s what the lab is for.

If anything can a mod please merge this thread with all the other 100 topics of “What I would like to see in S3” . It will help keep the forums from being cluttered with redundancy.

I don’t think I was being biased towards the characters I play at all. Don’t confuse bias with me having extra knowledge of certain characters and being able to dissect them a little bit better than the ones I don’t play. You know this because I don’t play characters like Aganos, Glacius or Aria yet I suggested things that could help them out.

Wulf is in a very good place right now as I stated above in the OP and just because I didn’t say he needed new tools in bad match-ups doesn’t mean I’m being bias. What else could he possibly receive that would make his bad match-ups better? A fireball? Wulf will always struggle against zoners because that’s just the nature of his character.

As far as Wulfs instinct goes you yourself even said he could do without the damage buff.

You are right the peacemaker is great mid-full screen tool but the problem with it is he doesn’t get access to it unless hes already losing the game or he risks putting up and taking down walls which also sacrifices any “decent” potential damage he can do.

He needs something he can do that doesn’t require instinct or chunks. Spamming hard kick and normal grab is all Aganos players do at the moment.