Competitive scene questions

This is a little bit of a long post so I apologize.
I’ve had the game since launch and decided I want to try get into the tournament scene and be serious about competing. I decided to first test my skills in ranked at the 24 hours before the rank reset to see if I could go from bronze to killer in less than 24 hours. I used jago and rash and went from bronze to the top of gold going I think it was like 85-24. I ran out of time to hit killer but did all that in 8 hours or play. Before I try to be competitive I’m going to play every character in order for the 20 ranked wins and pick my best three to compete with.
So my real question is, is it even possibly to get into the professional fighting tournaments this late into the game. And what tournaments are coming up and how do I qualify?

Well you can start woth the pro league and 8 bit beatdowns. Those are free to enter and online. Never too late to join.


When are those starting?

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Thanks man I see for pro cup it’s 128 points for first. Question when how many do you need to qualify for the killer instinct main tournament and when is it?

I don’t know that sadly:(

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You need to be in the top 32 ranking for points to qualify. I think the world cup website shows how many points everyone has.

Anyone have a link for that? I hope it’s not too late in the season to play catch up

Ok I figured it all out thanks guys!!!

“All matches take place over xbox live” does it mean if I am on Windows 10 I cannot participate?

No. Windows 10 also has Xbox Live. KI is cross play.