Comparing shadow linker damage for the whole cast

Did another chart for damage values across the cast, this time for shadow linkers. I also included some non-linker moves like shadow fireballs that can be used in place of linkers. No enders are in this chart. Please keep in mind that these are all the linker versions of these moves when applicable. Some shadow linkers don’t do the same as their shadow opener version.

Notable stuff:

  • I’ve been curious about this for a while and now I know: for non-double moves, PD is built at a rate of 1 point of damage for every 3 points of real damage.

  • As linkers, shadow cold shoulder is among the best in the game while shadow hail is among the worst. As openers, though, they’re reversed–shadow shoulder is terrible, while shadow hail hits very hard.

  • You might be surprised given his massive damage output to see that thunder’s shadow linkers are actually not that strong. The opener versions hit quite a bit harder, though. The real benefit of shadow ankle slice is its speed–it may not be huge damage, but it’s fast enough that you can often get more doubles into lockouts.

  • Shago’s shadow linkers are pretty weak, but shadow fireball hits pretty damn hard. Just keep in mind that when used in a juggle shadow moves will advance scaling pretty hard.

  • Sadira’s shadow blade demon linker isn’t that strong, but shadow widow’s bite hits hard. That combined with jump-cancelled doubles makes her damage in instinct shoot up.

  • Fulgore’s shadow fireball hits harder than any of his linkers. Because of this, his optimal 2-meter counterbreaker combo is HK double > MP laser linker > HK double > LP laser linker > HK double > LP laser linker > shadow fireball > shadow uppercut. However, timing the uppercut to hit after all the hits of the shadow fireball (to maximize damage and not waste an additional pip) is somewhat difficult.

  • Riptor’s shadow headbutt doesn’t hit quite as hard as I expected, but it’s still a fairly strong linker. It’s just not on the same level as something like shadow cold shoulder.

  • Shadow pulverize is a real monster, doing close to the same damage as eyedol’s crazy instinct linkers.

  • Shadow inferno is cinder’s strongest shadow linker, but as an opener shadow fission is the better choice as it does the same damage while allowing for easy manual followups.

  • Like riptor’s headbutt, shadow skull splitter doesn’t do as much damage as I thought it did. It hits hard, just not as hard as I thought.

  • Mira’s shadow bats seem like a bad choice for adding damage to a combo, but they’re actually a better choice than shadow trephine. The damage they add is unbreakable, with instinct shadow bats can be used to apply mist, and she can always follow up with light bats for a little extra unbreakable damage. In general though mira shouldn’t be spending meter on lockouts.

  • Sorry gargos! You won’t be doing big damage any time soon.

  • Surprisingly, given how slow it is, raam’s shadow stab only does as much damage as jago’s shadow wind kick.

  • Eyedol should always use shadow charge over shadow crushing swing in warrior stance, as it’s faster for the same damage. However, in instinct he should always use shadow crushing swing over shadow charge because it’s only slightly less damage and MUCH faster.


Thanks again Climax! :heart_eyes:

Trying to get stuff like this in my brain when I lab, so it helps me a lot that you take the time to put this together. :slight_smile:

Isn’t this breakable? I haven’t touched fulgore in s3 but in s2 even if you did shadow fireball at the end of a long combo it would count the shadow uppercut as opener ender.

I tested it on a dummy set to break all, and it worked fine. They probably fixed that going into s3.


The S3 breakability changes made things like this and Jago’s shadow fireball -> shadow DP work. You used to have to slot something between the two shadow moves to cash them out.

In general the S3 breakability changes were very extensive, if understated.