Community fund for stages and eyedol

This is a bit premature since we dont know who character 8 is yet but i hope this post gets some attention. Eyedol is one of my favorites from ki1 and i really want to see him in this game, eyedol vs gargos!! Hell yeah!! He could very well be character 8 but i have a sneaking suspicion that he isn’t mainly because the devs haven’t said anything that would make me think they’re adding him. The other thing that is super disappointing is the lack of stages for the rest of the characters. There was a fund for shadow jago and it got support super quick. I supported it even though i already owned the character, i bought it for a friend. There needs to be a fund to finish the game, a stage for every character (even for omen) so 7 stages remaining, eyedol, and accessories for shadow jago. I know it would cost more than what shago cost obviously, but with almost 7 million ki players and the amount of support this game is getting its totally possible. To reiterate, the 7 stages would be: rash,gargos,mira,raam, and the new character if it isnt eyedol. If it is eydol then it would be 6 stages not 7. The 7th (or 6th) stage would be for omen. I’ve never liked the fact that he shares a theme and stage, shago is a dark version of jago so his stage is a dark version of jago’s stage, omen is his own entity now and he should have a stage unique to him as well as his own theme. So to break it down iron galaxy/Microsoft, please consider starting a community fund to give all the characters their own stages, eyedol if he isnt character 8, and put the finishing touches on shago and omen(Shago accessories/omen theme) that would be amazing.

Well considering Microsoft threw in a $100k at the tournament scene i don’t think there will be another community fund since funding tournaments was the whole point behind it.

You’re asking for what amounts to a 7-digit fundraiser for mostly cosmetic content. That’s thoroughly insane. It’s little wonder Microsoft would skip the fundraiser and just fund the tournament season directly with requests like these flying around.

Id happily throw in some money to get Eyedol made if that is what has to be done to get him in the game

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Well to be honest based on Gargo’s teaser it looks like he’s standing on a space stage AND he has that in his background for his character art (unlike the purple all the other characters without stages have). So it looks like Gargos will probably get a stage (maybe unlockable through Shadow Lords mode?)

A few people on here have suggested cheaper alternative stages using pre-existing assets.
For example there is an idea for a Mira Stage turning her sisters City Of Dawn stage into a night counter part (affectionately referred to as City Of Dusk)

(I can’t seem to paste the image but if you google City Of Dusk there’s loads of images)

I’m not to fussed about the other 3rd Party characters but more stages in general is of course a nice idea.

I agree all of this would be cool except for OMEN NEEDS NEW MUSIC AND A STAGE.

NO…Omens song is Omens song… the stage is debatable. But Its Shago that would need a new song…NOT OMEN.
They lyrics are about Omen not Shago.

As far as guests getting a stage… I dont think that’s necessary…since guests will not return in a sequel or the lore. It would be nice but not absolutely necessary.

Certainly you aren’t the first person to suggest it, so I don’t want to lump this all on you. I do have to say there is a big difference between Shago and Eyedol. Shago was always in the game and MS always wanted to give him his own move sets. Multiple people at multiple times said they were going to work on getting it done. They just needed to get it onto the project plan, and the community fund let them do that.

If we make it to the end of S3 without Eyedol, it’s because MS doesn’t really want him in the game. So I wouldn’t expect them to set up a fund to allow them to make a character they aren’t that interested in. Keep in mind Shago already had significant assets in the game that could be used - so making him a fully independent character was a lot easier and cheaper than starting from zero.

Even considering a community fund raises half a million dollars, we are talking about maybe a character or maybe a single stage. And I don’t think that would help the game a lot. We may get another community fund at some point but I wouldn’t expect to see it be for anything as large as a full new character or multiple stages.

The song is a remix of jago’s theme, they say shadow jago in the lyrics. It’s his song. Omen needs an original theme and stage. The stage is also a remix of jago’s stage etc etc

You dont say??? Hmmmm…the stage is obviously a remix or whatever…the song is its own song and if you know the guy that sings the song…like I do… then you would know its a totally different song. And Ive been playing guitar and in a band for 28 years…I know the difference between 2 songs.

Sorry but Omen wins on all accounts of the argument.

Did we really revive this thread to argue about an off topic theme?

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Its not a totally different song, do you know what a remix is? There is a ton of the original theme in the song. Shago is jago possessed by omen so talking about omen… yeah makes sense to me. The theme is played on the shadow stage, therefore… you know what? If you dont get it you don’t, after all you have a whole 28 years of experience apparently so you must be right. Freaking amateur!

Haven’t been on here for a while so i just got the reply. Hey we got eyedol! Would still like the stages. People get super negative very quickly on these forums, kinda silly when you think about it

What do I need to get??? Same can go for you…you dont get it. You are replying to a post that’s like weeks old telling me the lore of the game and this and that. The facts are…it is Omens song and it isnt Shagos. Actually they share it…but It was released via OMEN first.

No need to resort to insults because I dont agree with you demanding to “get it”…good liuck with that type of approach with people.

C’mon man…

Im fine…your upset because someone doesnt agree with you. I even said I agreed with everything but Omen’s needs a new song. So relax… resorting to insults is going to get you now where. You may want to ask yourself if you are ok… but Im fine thank you :slight_smile:

Lol!! Sorry dude. Was bored, when you said the 28 experience thing i just had to mess with you​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I know​:joy::joy:

He’s upset because he is wrong, and he has nothing else to say.

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MC Hammer’s song “U Can’t Touch This” is a remix of Rick James’ song “Superfreak”. I doubt anyone would consider them the same song.

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